BEST mini Bluetooth speakers for Android devices

Android docking stations are great for music listening and charging your android device at the same time, but there are situations, when we just want to be able to enjoy music from our mobile device at the best possible quality without any wires and chargers messing around. Because of that we have tested and reviewed different portable mini Bluetooth speakers and have chosen the 6 BEST Bluetooth speakers for your android tablet, smartphone or any other mobile device. You can read detailed reviews for each of these speakers down below. We have also made a short Best Bluetooth Speaker presentation for those who do not like to read lots of text, see it in the bottom of this post.

(EDIT 2016: The table includes updated versions for multiple docks.)

Max play time(aux)
Output power
Oontz Angle12 hours10 wattsYes
HDMX Jam Classic12 hours3 wattsNo
JBL Micro8 hours3 wattsNo
Photive Cyren10 hours6 wattsYes
Anker CUBE MP14120 hours4 wattsYes
Logitech UE Mobile10 hours2.5 watts from 2.0 speakersYes

Our top picks for Best mini Bluetooth speaker are:

  • Oontz Angle
  • HDMX Audio JAM Classic
  • JBL Micro
  • Photive CYREN
  • Anker Cube MP141
  • Logitech UE Mobile

Oontz Angle portable Bluetooth speaker by Cambridge SoundWorks

oontz-angleCambridge SoundWorks is well known home music system, PC and laptop speaker system and portable Bluetooth speaker manufacturer. Cambridge SoundWorks has many years of experience in sound system manufacturing and they have made same very good, high quality speakers that are used all around the world. Oontz are their portable bluetooth speaker line. Oontz Angle is their midrange bluetooth speaker, they also have smaller Oontz Curve and more powerful Ontz XL speaker.

The first thing that we liked about this portable android speaker was its design. The Oontz Angle looks so simple and in some ways classic, that it will fit in practically any place you’ll place it – from kitchen table, to living room and even office desk at your work. We really liked the large collection of colors for these speakers – black, green, blue, silver, red, pink and lime green. It will not be hard to adapt Angle speaker to any room design with such wide color option range. The speaker feels really solid and quality in hands, and you cannot actually tell that it has such a reasonable price.

Sound quality and loudness

The best part of this small bluetooth android speaker is its sound. The level of loudness and bass is unexpectedly good for such small speaker, of course not comparable with larger speaker systems, but very impressive for device this size. We firstly though it can only be useful on the desk next to you, but actually you can use this portable speaker even outside on some smaller parties and gatherings, and it will still provide decent level of loudness.



Well thought design, will suit any rooms interior. 7 color options – black, pink, red, green, lime green, blue, silver. Four small feets for extra stability. We liked every part of this small android speakers design, you can see and feel the quality of Oontz Angle speaker just by looking at it. On the back of android speaker you will find – volume buttons, call answer button, on/off switch, AUX in port, micro USB port and battery level signal.

Features and Specs

  • Weight just 9.1 oz (258 grams). Dimensions LxH – 5.31’’ (135mm) x 2.67’’ (68mm).

  • Supports Bluetooth connection, and has AUX 3.5mm cable input

  • Up to 12 hours play time with rechargeable lithium-ion battery

  • Built in microphone for call answering and hands-free talking

Our verdict

Oonz Angle portable bluetooth speaker is top quality speaker that you can use with your android devices or any other type music players. It looks attractive with 7 color options, it is compact and light, easy to take with you on the go, and the sound quality from such small speaker is simply wonderful. We enjoyed every song played on this small bluetooth speaker. One thing we did not like is the bright blue LED lights in front and back of the speaker, but that is just a minor drawback considering all the great features this bluetooth android speaker has.

HMDX Audio HX-P230 JAM Classic portable bluetooth speaker

hmdx-jamWe have already covered one HMDX Audio manufacturer android docking station, and today we are going to review their most popular portable bluetooth speaker – JAM Classic HX-P230.

This cylinder shaped android bluetooth speaker is really popular between compact portable speakers and with its small price, it is definitely a good pick for anyone, who needs a small and portable bluetooth speaker to use with their laptops, tablets, smartphones or mp3 players. HMDX Audio has proved that they know how to make best quality speaker products, and that is why so many people trust this company. The design of HX-P230 JAM Classic speaker indeed reminds a small cylinder, and with small I mean really small. It is only 2.5 inches wide and 2.5 inches high. It can easily be carried into small bag or pocket. The first thing that we really liked about this speaker was the box style. It was packed in a small, jar looking box, which afterwards can be used for storing this bluetooth speaker, when your carry it in your bag, also it would look cool as a gift. You can feel the speakers quality when holding it in hands, it has got rubber bottom for more grip and it comes in 6 attractive colors.

Sound quality and loudness

The sound quality and loudness of JAM Classic bluetooth speaker will easily be enough for everyday music listening in your house next to your computer or mobile device. If we consider its mini size and small price, the sound quality and loudness is well above what we expected from this device. It does a good job of filling room with sound and the speaker sounds equally good with different music genres, from classical music and pop to club music or drum and bass.



HMDX JAM Classic android speaker comes in 6 colors – Apple, Apricot, Blackberry, Strawberry, Blueberry and Grape (green, orange, grey, red, blue, purple). We enjoyed these attractive colors of speaker, as they suited overall speaker cylinder looking design. There is an on/ off switch under the speaker. AUX input port, micro USB port, ON light indicator on the bottom side of the speaker. In other side of the bottom of speaker there are play/pause buttons and volume up and down buttons.

Features and Specs

  • Product dimensions – 2.8” (71mm) x 2.8’’ (71mm) x 2.5” (63mm)

  • Supports Bluetooth connection, and has AUX 3.5mm cable input

  • Up to 4 hours play with bluetooth connection and up to 12 hours with aux cable, provided by rechargeable lithium-ion battery

  • Charges with micro USB cable

Our verdict

We loved this compact and attractive HMDX Audio HX-P230 JAM Classic wireless speaker. The sound quality and loudness is on top with other mini bluetooth speakers. Anyone can find the best suited look from 6 different colors. However, we did not like the small work time on battery, 4 hours work time with bluetooth connection is less than other manufacturer products are offering. Although, if you use this portable speaker next to your PC or laptop, where you can charge it whenever needed, it is not a considerable drawback. The amazing price of this product makes up for the short battery life and puts this small bluetooth speaker on the top choices for the best mini wireless speakers for android devices.

JBL Micro portable Bluetooth speaker

jbl-microJBL is well known electronic loudspeaker manufacturer and brand that makes top quality speakers, starting from earphones and small bluetooth speakers, to larger car stereos and home audio systems. JBL Micro is one of their portable bluetooth speakers that gathers astonishing design and enjoyable sound quality, all in a small, portable speaker.

Previously we tested mini bluetooth speakers in cylinder, prism and square forms, and this one is rounded and pretty flat, really easy to travel it around in a pocket. If we have to give stars for portability, JBL Micro is clearly a winner. This speaker is the top choice for those, who want to enjoy music from speaker anywhere they go and always carry a speaker around with them. The android speaker is so small that it can fit inside a palm. What we liked about this product in comparison to other portable speakers is many angles you can set the bluetooth speaker. JBL Micro has got flat surface and you can put it on the table and the speaker won’t fall down even when the volume is turned up to max. In addition, you can put it flat on the side, or you can hang it on the wall with the built in hanger on top of the speaker. This way you can find the perfect spot in your house for the bluetooth speaker, so its sound can reach further away. We also liked the option to daisy chain multiple JBL Micro speakers together with 3.5mm cables and create a more powerful sound system. This android speaker has got 3.5mm jack hidden under it in a convenient spot, so you do not have any wires messing around the speaker.

Sound quality and loudness

The most impressing part of JBL Micro bluetooth speaker is its sound quality. If we consider the size / sound quality ratio, this speaker beats other mini bluetooth speakers without any doubts. You get a clear and powerful sound of this small loudspeaker with decent level of bass. Manufacturer has pointed out that Micro bluetooth speaker has got built-in bass port and beats other competitive products in with its more powerful bass, and we can sort of agree with it, as it really has the most powerful bass considering its compact size. Larger bluetooth speakers like Oontz Angle or HMDX JAM Classic will be a little bit louder, but this portable speaker wins it back with really clear sound quality.



JBL is offering its Micro wireless speaker in 7 colors – black, red, green, blue, white, pink and lavender. As we have seen with other manufacturer bluetooth speakers, JBL is also providing multiple color options, so anyone can choose a bluetooth android speaker in their favorite color. JBL Micro speaker has got hanger on top of it, 3.5mm cable on the bottom and flat surface under the speaker with micro USB charging port. Around the speaker sides there are couple of buttons – on/off button, volume control wheel, and auxiliary cable input port. On the front is a LED indicator light, which warns you, when the speakers battery is getting low.

Features and Specs

  • Product weight – 4.5oz (127g). Dimensions – 1.56” (39mm) x 3.25’’ (82mm)

  • Supports Bluetooth connection, and has AUX 3.5mm cable input and 12 inch (30cm) audio cable store in the bottom

  • Up to 5 hours play time at max volume (although we got significantly more), provided by rechargeable lithium-ion battery

  • Daisy-chain feature, so you can chain multiple JBL speakers with 3.5mm cables

  • Charges with micro USB cable

Our verdict

There were multiple things that we liked about JBL Micro bluetooth speaker. The built quality and design is on top with other best bluetooth speakers in this list. We actually loved its round shape and the idea, that you can easily slip this small android speaker in your pocket and take it with you. Sound quality is quite amazing and crisp, and bass gives more power to this small speaker. One of the best parts we loved about this speaker is the battery life, as we could easily get much longer than 5 hours of music playback. You will not find other portable bluetooth speakers with such compact size, that also has got an enjoyable design and very good sound quality.

Photive CYREN Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


Photive CYREN bluetooth speaker is one of the most popular bluetooth and portable speakers because of its awesome features. Some people have pointed out its boring, squarish look, but that was the first thing that we liked about this android speaker. Other manufacturer mini bluetooth speakers are made in round, triangle, cylinder and oval forms, so we though this is something more different in its looks. It looks more classy and that can be a plus for many people. The design of front grill of this portable speaker is interesting and appealing, and plus you can get speaker in 5 different colors. Photive CYREN wireless speaker has got two 3 watt speakers. For music streaming it uses bluetooth 3.0 technology that works even if you stand more than 30 feet away from the speaker. As with other bluetooth speakers, this also has got AUX input for 3.5mm jack. In addition Photive CYREN speaker has got a built in hands-free microphone, so you can take mobile calls, when your smartphone is connected to the speaker via bluetooth. The speaker comes with a nice carrying case, so you can easily take it with you outdoors or any other place.

Sound quality and loudness

Photive Cyren wireless speaker has got two 40mm drivers and it provides good level of loudness. The sound is clean and crisp, the bass is OK, although we would like a bit more deeper bass from speaker this size. Of course for the price, you cannot get more bass than this android speaker provides. Generally, we enjoyed the sound quality of Photive Cyren, it performed very well with different music genres and loudness levels. Bluetooth speaker will be great for general music listening on home or while working, watching movies on your smartphone, laptop or tablet, or enjoying more powerful sound while playing games on your mobile devices.



Photive Cyren comes in 5 colors – black, blue, purple, orange, red. The bluetooth speaker looks really classy and solid, we liked the black version of Cyren speaker. The android speaker has got 6 buttons on the top of the speaker – call answer, play/pause, prev/next track, volume up/down. There is also a LED light indicator for battery. On the back it has on/off switch, micro USB port and auxiliary port. The wireless speaker comes with a carrying pouch.

Features and Specs

  • Product weight – 11oz (311g). Dimensions – 6” (152mm) x 2’’ (50mm) x 1.6” (40mm)

  • Supports Bluetooth 3.0 connection, and has AUX 3.5mm cable input

  • Up to 10 hours playback time, provided by rechargeable lithium-ion battery

  • Two 3-watt speakers

  • Speakerphone with built-in microphone for call answering

Our verdict

Photive Cyren portable bluetooth speaker has proven itself with good and clear sound quality from two 3-watt drivers, decent level of bass and we really loved its classy and attractive design. The battery life is also an advantage of this bluetooth speaker, as it can go over 10 hours of music playback time. Bottom line – this is really good portable bluetooth speaker that not only looks attractive, but also produces clear sound. For its basic price (approx. 120$) we would like a little louder speakers and more powerful bass, but for current 50$ deal on Amazon, this is one of the best portable speaker you can get.

Anker MP141 Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Cube model)

anker-cubeAnker is company that manufacturer all sorts of smartphone and tablet gadgets, starting from charger and batteries, to bluetooth keyboards and speakers. Anker MP141 is their best bluetooth speaker in our opinion. However, other users have pointed out that MP141 cubic shaped bluetooth speakers get out of stock quite fast, so if the speaker is not in stock currently on Amazon, come back after some time and it should be restocked again.

When we firstly saw the device, we were amazed about its design. The look and feel of this android speaker is excellent. It is well made, and looks more like 100+ dollar device not 50 or so. The black finish looks great on this device. However we were little disappointed that it only has got one color, as competitors offered their bluetooth speakers with 6 and more color options. The android speaker has got soft, rubberized surface and will stay steadily on the table. Anker MP141 wireless speaker uses newest Bluetooth 4.0 technology for music streaming. This means that speaker will work in more than 30 feet range. The most amazing part of Anker bluetooth speaker is its battery. The music playback time for this device is up to 20 hours, which is miles ahead to competitor offered devices. You not only can use the speaker in your home, but take it outdoors, for example on camping, because 20 hours of work time for bluetooth speaker is pretty impressive. This bluetooth speaker also comes with microphone, so you can answer calls and talk through the speakers high def microphone. Anker MP141 comes with Aux cable, USB charging cable and carrying pouch.

Sound quality and loudness

Anker MP141 portable speaker has got 2 inch driver with 4-watt power. The sound quality is really good for the speaker and you even get decent level of bass from the bass port. Android speaker is pretty loud and can easily be used as additional speaker for laptops, PC, smartphones and tablets. It will even be good enough for some parties and gatherings.



Anker MP141 bluetooth speaker has got 3 inch cubic form, and it comes in rubberized, black color. The speaker has got top quality design, and the soft surface feels good in hands and will grip on any surface you put it. Unfortunately, Anker only provides one color for this bluetooth speaker, but we think that the black color really suits the speakers cubic design and gives it a modern look. In front of the wireless speaker are three buttons – volume up, volume down, play/pause. On the top front of the speaker there is a LED light indicator that shows if speaker is paired with a music streaming device. On the back of the speaker there is on/off switch, AUX input port, micro USB port and LED battery indicator light.

Features and Specs

  • Product weight – 10oz (280g). Dimensions – 3.1” (80mm) x 3.1’’ (80mm) x 2.7” (60mm)

  • Supports Bluetooth 4.0 connection (will work with devices supporting bluetooth 2.1 and above), and has AUX 3.5mm cable input

  • Up to impressive 20 hours of playback time, provided by rechargeable lithium-ion battery

  • 2 inch driver with 4-watt power

  • Speakerphone with built-in microphone for call answering

Our verdict

Anker MP141 is one of our favorite android bluetooth speakers. It looks and feels reliable, the design is simple and classy, sound quality is decent from speaker this size with additional bass power. And of course, the best part of this wireless speaker is its battery life, 20 hours of play time is pretty amazing by all standards for wireless device. The only problem we have seen with this device is that it can be harder to get, because it gets out of stock quite fast on Amazon. If it is not currently on stock, we encourage you to look after a day or so, as it will get restocked. Meanwhile, you can also check out another mini bluetooth speaker by Anker, which also has good quality and couple of useful features for wireless speaker. It is smaller and more compact than Anker MP141 cubic speaker. (If the cubic bluetooth speaker is out of stock on Amazon, you will see only Anker rounded bluetooth speaker on Amazon sale page. Check back after time to see, if cubic speaker is restocked).

Logitech UE Mobile Boombox Wireless speaker

logitech-ueLogitech is a well known electronics manufacturer that also offers UE line of bluetooth speakers. The Logitech UE Mobile Boombox is the smallest of Logitech UE line speakers.

Firstly, we can point out that this speaker, in our opinion, has the best overall performance, based on the size of the speaker, sound quality and loudness,  build quality and design of the product. But the Logitech UE mobile speaker also costs more than most other speakers on this list. Logitech UE android speaker looks attractive and stylish. You can choose from 5 different color options. The best thing we liked about this speaker is its soft, rubber casing. You can really feel the grip of the speaker, when holding it in hand. This make us more confident to carry it with us in the bag and use it outdoors, as the rubber casing makes the speaker more durable from outside. One cool feature of this portable speaker is that you can pair it with up to 8 bluetooth devices. It also has got multi-person access, which means that you can connect two bluetooth devices to the speaker at same time, and switch from one device to another by pressing pause button on one and play on other device. Logitech UE Mobile speaker can also be used as a speakerphone, as it has got built in microphone.

Sound quality and loudness

The sound quality of Logitech UE speaker is rich and clear. The sound comes from two 1” full-range drivers and a single passive radiator. In opposite to other mini bluetooth speakers that have more bass or more clear high tones, this android speaker has the sound leveled out, so it sounds good with any music genre you listen to. The bass is not that powerful, but pretty good for a speaker this size.



The design of Logitech UE Mobile Boombox is what we liked most about this bluetooth speaker. It looks creative and attractive and 5 color options – black, blue, red, yellow and white, will make it look good in any place, you will use it. The speaker feels good in hands, thanks to the rubberized casing. On top of the speaker there are three stylish buttons, volume up, bluetooth button to set up pairing, and volume down. On the back of the speaker there is power switch, battery indicator light, micro USB charging port and 3.5mm audio jack port. The speaker comes with USB charging cable and AC power adapter, so you can charge the portable wireless speaker anywhere you want.

Features and Specs

  • Product weight – 10.1oz (286g). Dimensions – 4.4” (111mm) x 2.6’’ (66mm) x 2.4” (61mm)

  • Supports Bluetooth connection (works in range up to 50 feet), and has AUX 3.5mm cable input

  • Up to 10 hours of playback time, provided by rechargeable lithium-ion battery

  • Two 1 inch full-range drivers

  • Multi-person access, will connect two bluetooth devices at the same time

  • Pair up to 8 bluetooth devices

  • Speakerphone with built-in microphone for call answering

Our verdict

Logitech UE Mobile Boombox speaker proved the best overall quality of mini bluetooth speakers that we have seen in low price range. This android speaker produces good sound quality from two 1 inch speakers, with little bass. The sound is balanced from lows to highs to bring the best overall performance for all music genres. We loved the speakers design and rubberized casing that feels durable and safe, when holding in hands. The music playback time – 10 hours is also good enough to keep the speaker working throughout the day, so you can recharge the battery at night. Overall, this is an excellent bluetooth speaker with many useful features and great sound quality for its size, that can be used at home, office, parties, you can take it outdoors anywhere you go, and you do not have to worry that it will break or scratch easily. We definitely recommend this Bluetooth speaker for any android mobile device.

Best Bluetooth speakers for android devices presentation

Thanks for reading, and feel free to ask us questions or share your thoughts about these Portable Bluetooth speakers in the comment section, and suggest other Portable Speakers or Android docking stations you like, or want us to review in our next articles.
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Erick Hodge

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  1. I have an X-mini bluetooth speaker and a new android tablet however, no matter what I do to pair the two, the speaker cannot be recognized by the tablet. I use a bluetooth keyboard with the tablet so I know it works. Do some devices just not work thru bluetooth? thnx

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