MobileVision Universal Multi-device Charging dock

MobileVision charger dock
Overall Score:3.2
Advantages Disadvantages
  • 6 USB charging ports
  • Elegant design
  • Has a secret compartment where to hide all those cables
  • Made from thin plastic
  • Has a huge price


MobileVision Multi-Device charging station is a great little device that allows you to uncluttered your cables and charge up to 6 devices at the same time without the hassle of finding free power outlets or dealing with messy wires. MobileVision has created this dock to be the charging station to have if you have multiple devices that all need charging and are powered from an USB outlet.

MobileVision Universal Multi-Device Charging Station

Multi-Device charging station was designed with functionality in mind but it also has to look great as a “Home” for all your devices but it also needs to be great looking and feel comfortable to use as well as provide easy charging and other capabilities.  This charging dock is created to be lightweight and compact as it only has the dimensions of 8 inches x 8 inches x 2.5 inches (20.3 cm x 20.3 cm x 6.35 cm) and that means you can position it anywhere you like including your nightstand and office desk. This whole device is created from black plastic so it is fairly light but at the bottom there are several rubberized feet that won’t allow this to slip around and move when you plug in or unplug your charging devices.

MobileVision Universal Multi-Device dock

The whole device has a rectangular shape that has rounded corners for more style but the removable top has two grooves spanning around the device to accent your Smartphone or tablet that is charging on top of this. In the middle there are 7 inclines that create 6 charging spots for your devices that range from 11 mm for your Smartphone or Mp3 player to 13 mm for your tablet or some other larger device. These groves are also designed with curved shapes and that makes them look really beautiful and elegant. Then on one side there is a groove that allows you to pull your charging cables trough from that secret compartment.

When you take off the top a secret compartment is revealed that holds all your device chords and make them invisible letting you take them out only by that grove on the top  cover. This cover is held in place with 4 strong magnets that will lock the top in place and won’t let it slide around every time you connect or disconnect a device. In that secret compartment there are 6 USB ports where two are designed for Smartphones and 4 are for tablets as those two have a maximum output of 5V/1A but those four for tablets have 5V/2A . But of course you can plug in your cables in any of them and this only shows which ones are more powerful for faster charging and bigger devices that draw more electricity.

MobileVision Universal Multi-Device docking station usage

When you look around the dock you will also see that DC power plug where that 4 feet (1.2 meter) power adapter will plug in  that will supply all the power to those 6 USB ports and you will not need to plug in 6 chargers but only one. This power adapter can use up to 60 Watts of power if all the USB ports are taken!


Overall this is a really great Android docking station / charging station that will give you the freedom from cluttered cables and also look good on any surface and it also fives the added benefit that you always know where your devices are located presuming you will always dock them on this device.

Erick Hodge

Erick Hodge

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