DOK CR34 6 Port Smart Phone Charger

Overall Score:3.8
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Can charge 6 devices at the same time, and hold 3 devices while charging
  • Can charge both android and Apple devices
  • Have build in speakers, digital clock with alarm clock function and fm radio
  • Has got cable organizer to help you hide all unused cables
  • Has got AUX cable, so you can listen to music from your smart device
  • Is made from plastic
  • Is large, but this is not an actual disadvantage, if you want to charge 6 devices at the same time
  • Very bright alarm clock numbers and the brightness cannot be turned down

DOK CR34 smartphone docking stationThis universal docking station is manufactured by DOK easy-doks company. They have made 5 different universal docks for android and apple devices, different mp3 players and tablets. CR34 is the biggest of DOK universal docking station series and provides 6 charging ports for your devices. This is the first docking station with 6 charging ports that we have reviewed. It is unique android docking station and will definitely be the best choice for people, who need to charge multiple devices at the same time.

I can see this device used in office, where everyone needs to charge their phones, but do not have so much charging sockets, or can be used at home, to provide convenient charging place for each of your families smart devices.

The biggest advantage that I see in this device is (except of 6 charging sockets) that it can charge both android and apple devices. This option is not included in many docking stations, so this is considerable option, if you need to charge both android and apple devices. This docking station can basically charge any device with usb socket, this includes many mp3 players, smartphones, tablets and other smart devices.


This docking station also has got a Smart Current Detection that adjusts the current flow to ensures proper charging to each of device connected to the docking station. You can also listen music, while your device charges and is connected to the docking station through docking stations speakers.

DOK CR34 docking station is able to hold 3 devices at the same time, including smartphones and tablets. Dock has got AUX cable, so you can connect any android smartphone devices or any mp3 player and be able to play music through docks speakers. The docking station also has got built in clock that provides alarm clock function and FM stereo. This means, that this is one of the most universal docking station that you can but at the moment.

Another great feature of this docking station is that it has got Tidy-Cable organizer, which will help you to hide all necessary wires and cables that you are not currently using. Docking station comes with remote control and the clock has built in LED night light. Total output power for speakers is 12W, which is decent amount of power for android charging dock.


This is one of the best universal docking station that you will find. It is great option, when you need to charge multiple devices (up to 6 devices) at the same time, and is working for both android and Apple smart devices. You can also listen to music from your smartphone, tablet or mp3 player, while it charges in the dock. If you need such an universal docking station with multiple charging ports for your smart devices, you should definitely consider this DOK CR34 6 port docking station.

Erick Hodge

Erick Hodge

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  1. I have one and like it so well I bought one for someone else for Christmas. I have found the Doc only at K- Mart in my area. I like the bright clock numbers to see from thirty feet away at night too !

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