Alpatronix MX100 review

Alpatronix MX100
Overall Score:3.6
Advantages Disadvantages
  • low price
  • Great design
  • Amazing functionality
  • Can be too small for ergonomic viewing angles in some cars


Alpatronix is a company that specializes in consumer electronic accessory development and does so with style usability and quality in mind. This company creates various different gadgets from bluetooth keyboards to bluetooth speakers and also docking stations for cars.

MX100 review

MX100 is a car docking station that allows you to dock your Android smartphone in a spring clip and the whole device is positioned to fit inside your cars cigarette lighter so you don’t need any wiring or other additional accessories to start using this docking station.
If we look at the device from a distance we can see that this is not your typical car docking station and this is a completely new design that utilizes only your cars cigarette lighter and in that way it is more convenient to use and you don’t need any additional accessories to keep this working. Basically you plug this thin long device into your cars cigarette lighter to power it and simply connect your phone to that USB connector that is located at the base of this dock. But there is more and this little gadget also acts as a FM audio transmitter and you will be able to listen to music from your smartphone through this feature. Basically you get a complete audio and charging set that also sits upright so you have the option to turn on your GPS and use your phone this way.

alpatronix MX100 usage

The device is made mainly from black plastic but the spring inside that long gooseneck is quite strong and you will be able to position your smartphone in just the right viewing angle without any hustle at all but on bumpy roads this will not get out of shape like some other products with less quality. At the top of this long gadget there is a spring clip that has rubberized inner claws so it can grip your Android smartphone firmly but don’t scrape or damage the outer shell of this device. But at the bottom there is the main part of this whole fixture and that is the plug that sits inside your car’s cigarette lighter spot and that draws power from it, converts it to be usable for your phone, and also ensures that your smartphone will not overcharge with a built in overcurrent protector. This bottom part of this fixture is also a FM transmitter that is capable of transmitting sound from an external device that is connected with a typical 3.5 mm AUX jack in the frequency range from 8.1 MHZ to 107.0MHz and that is quite convenient if you want to listen to your phones built in music without any cables running through your car. That plastic mount that is at the bottom of the whole device is in an odd shape but that is specifically designed to fit inside your cars cigarette lighter and also the top is manufactured to be at this exact same shape to make it aesthetically pleasing. At the top there is a small LED display that shows you information about your devices status and there are also Play/Pause buttons, Channel up, Channel Down and also a button that allows you to answer calls without touching your phone. At the side of this dock where there is that USB charging port you also have a On/Off button!

Because this docking station has an upright statue and it is supported by a gooseneck middle body it is quite easy to use and the top spring clip mounting design is also amazing as it turns 360 degrees and can be adjusted anyway you like! Overall I think this is one of the best car docks if you have your cigarette lighter at a convenient location as this device gives you the freedom and usefulness of regular car dock but also incorporates style and ingenious design for placement and phone charging abilities.

Erick Hodge

Erick Hodge

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