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My name is Erick and I am the owner of www.dockingstationhq.com. I am a tech-savvy guy and a huge fan of android culture and portable electronics in general. I am constantly looking for ways to improve my life. I believe that every piece of technology can be made better by right additions, gadgets or accessories. And this is the main reason why I started this website.

When I published the first content in the summer of 2013, it didn’t have a clue that after a year I will be working together with other people to review gadgets for android devices, more specifically – docking stations and external speakers. Now, in 2015 my team of writers consist of 3 people and we have reviewed over 70 different docks and speakers. We are constantly looking for new products as well as expand our knowledge in the field to provide even better and more detailed reviews for our readers.

We are a company of writers, who have knowledge in field of technologies, particularly in android docking stations, and are willing to provide useful internet resource for you to find the best android docking stations for your needs and requirements. We have experience with reviewing different kind of technology products and have deeper understanding about android and other smartphone docks and other electronic accessories. With information and knowledge that we have, we are trying to write the most useful and interesting articles and reviews that will help our readers and customers to find the best information and products that suits their needs and demands.

One question that probably has popped in your minds if you’re frequent readers of this website is – But how do they make a living from this website? We are partners of the Amazon Affiliate program. If a person clicks an affiliate link,  goes to Amazon and buys a docking station or any other goods, we receive  a commission of few percents from the purchase. Thanks to the Amazon Affiliate partner program we are able to keep providing information for you and review all the newest docking stations on the market. Our readers are the most important part of our business, SO THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT.

At our page we list the most popular and best android docking stations currently available to purchase. We are writing reviews in interest of our customers and are providing all information we know and have collected about particular products. At our website you will find different android docking stations, starting from car docks, to large and powerful android speaker docks. We hope that you will find what you need from our site and we are delighted to help you to find the best android docking station for your requirements.

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