HMDX JAM ZZZ Alarm Clock Dock review

HMDX JAM ZZZ Alarm Clock Dock
Overall Score:4.5
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Many useful alarm clock dock features
  • Built in microphone for call answering
  • Will dock almost any Android and Apple smartphone (with some exceptions)
  • Really good quality speaker with great level of loudness
  • Large smartphones (Galaxy Note) and smartphones with cases may not fit
  • Flat, integrated top buttons makes it difficult to press the right button at night


The manufacturer – HMDX is company with more than 20 year experience in consumer electronics manufacturing and designing. They are producing range of sound electronics, starting from portable bluetooth speakers to larger speaker and alarm clock docks for mobile devices. HMDX ensures quality for each of their products, and devices they make always have unique design. It is important to mention that HMDX backs up their products with a warranty.


This is one of the most feature packed android alarm clock docks. It has got all the advantages that an alarm clock dock should have. HMDX JAM Zzz alarm dock works with bluetooth technology for music streaming from your Android device to the android docking station. The bluetooth connection will work up to 30 feet, so you can easily listen to your favorite soundtracks from other room. If your mobile device does not support bluetooth technology, JAM Zzz docking station also has got AUX input, so you can connect practically any device with this alarm clock dock. In addition, HMDX dock has got stand place on the top of it, where you can put your smartphone, while it streams music to the dock and charge phone with USB cable. The docking station itself is multifunctional, offering you a mobile phone stand, usb charging, alarm clock and speaker functions all in one device.

HMDX JAM Zzz dockHMDX JAM alarm clock dock can be used on your bedside while you sleep or on your desk while you work or study. This android docking station is ideal for your bedstand. It has got couple useful feature that makes it a must have alarm clock dock. Besides the built in speakers, it has got LCD display, with large numbers, where you can see current time and other useful information, like your set wake up time. The alarm has got both snooze and wake up options, so you can control, when dock will turn off the music, when you go to sleep. Also you can choose how you want to wake up in the morning. HMDX JAM Zzz alarm dock provides three options:

  • Gradual wake up – this will wake you up slowly, starting quietly and getting more louder

  • Beep – this is regular alarm clock option, where the alarm will go off with classical alarm clock beep noise

  • Radio – you can wake up to your favorite radio station

In addition this android docking station has got snooze and sleep buttons on the dock, as well as dim, power, take call, alarm and sound buttons. One thing that stands this dock out is that you can actually take calls and speak with docking stations built in microphone, if your smartphone is connected to docking station. When you have an incoming call, you can press the phone icon on the dock and answer the call from your docking station.

The snooze option of this alarm clock dock will delay alarm by 9 minutes for 6 times and then reset time till next alarm. The sleep feature can be set from 15 to 90 minutes so you can fall asleep with your favorite music tracks.


HMDX JAM Zzz android alarm clock dock is one of the best alarm dock you can get for your smartphone. It has got many useful features that makes it perfect for your night stand – ┬áDual alarm clock, Snooze and Sleep features, Large LCD display, FM radio, Speaker with good loudness, Smartphone stand and built in mic for call answering. All these features are packed in a compact and well looking android docking station.


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Erick Hodge

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