eForCity S-Shape Cradle

eForCity S-Shape Cradle smartphone charger stand
Overall Score:4.0
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Really cheap
  • Beautiful design
  • Works with most Android phones
  • Limited functionality
  • Made from plastic
  • USB cable is not included

Manufacturer review

EforCity is a company that mainly sells various gadgets and accessories and is in this market from the year 2000. This company is one of the biggest online retailers for small electronics and various cables and gadgets that also include Smartphone accessories like docking stations. This company strives for customer satisfaction and their product build quality but also give their customers very great prices and customer service. This company has a great image and marketing team and they strive to be the to-go place for various different gadgets and cables.

eForCity Cradle review

eForCity S-Shape Cradle is one of the best Samsung galaxy line accessories with that distinct S shape and that stylish look it creates a pleasant vibe on your desk and will be able to fit into any environment starting from modern homes to older retro type houses.

This is basically a charged dock with few features that only include charging your phone with that micro USB connection and synchronizing your phone by connecting it to your computer or other devices.

But apart from that simple design and limited functionality I really think this is a great little device as it looks really great and that white color can blend into almost any environment as I stated before.
eforcity cradleBecause of that Micro USB connection you will be able to charge almost any Android device but it is best to charge Smartphone’s and tablets that has the charging port at the bottom and in the middle as this docking cradle is made from plastic and it does not weigh that much so a more heavy device could tip the whole thing to the sides. But there are a lot of Android devices that have this charger Micro USB port at the sides and for these devices this cradle will work perfectly.

Because this is just an accessory it is not a genuine Samsung product but the build quality and design make it feel like it is made by Samsung but the price is much much lower than any real Samsung product would have.

Overall this is a great little device but the lack of functionality makes it nothing more than a fancy charger stand but for that price I think that is adequate.

Erick Hodge

Erick Hodge

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