Samsung DA-E570 10-Watt Docking station review

Overall Score:4.0
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Truly amazing design
  • Rubber feet that absorb vibrations
  • Special cleaning cloth to remove fingerprints
  • Works with Apple devices and any micro USB connector devices
  • 10W speakers
  • Glared plastic that attracts fingerprints
  • No lightning connector for newer apple devices
  • Hissing noise if no music is playing but the device is not turned off
  • No aux 1.5 mm cable included


This Android 10 W docking station and speaker is made by non other than Samsung and I feel that this brand is just too popular to introduce and we all know that they make quality products with reasonable prices.


This beautiful speaker dock station is one of the best looking multifunctional speakers that you can buy and the fact that it can be used with Apple products and Android phones make it stand out of the crowd.

The design itself is amazing with glared black plastic casing and two 5W loudspeakers at the front. These speakers have a metal touch to them that give this dock a retro / old fashioned feel and makes it a part of any room with any style furniture. The metal around the loudspeakers and inside the speaker itself makes this device feel strong and powerful! This dock weighs about 2kg and has the dimensions of 300 mm x 94 mm x 170 mm so it is not that big but cannot be called a small one either.

At the bottom of the box shaped docking station there are 4 rubber feet that act as buffers for Samsung DA-E570 side viewvibrations and also don’t let the device slip on any surface and angle. Because these rubber feet raise the device couple of centimeters from the ground it also looks more stylish and it also gives benefits for the sound system.

The sound quality and loudness is good but if you are using bluetooth you can hear some quality changes but for everyday usage there is almost no difference between the AUX and Bluetooth connection in music playback quality. There are two base holes at the bottom and one bigger at the back that makes low tones sound amazing and those stylish front speakers will make amazing sound but the only drawback is that there are no speakers at the sides so no surround sound feeling but that is OK for such a small device like this. Those rubber feet that I mentioned also help to boost the base from those two bottom holes as the sound doesn’t get absorbed but redirected back from the surface where the device sits.

Because of these tree base holes this docking station makes amazing low tone sounds and it is also featured into the design as there is an option to boost your devices BASE level and get that deep hard sound that is so powerful.

At the top of the device you get 4 buttons shaped in a circle similar to ipod layout and you have multifunctional up and down buttons as well as stop and play and also a button for bluetooth connection that allows you to easily find and connect to devices within range that have free Bluetooth connections.

This Android and Apple product dock also comes with a remote that has buttons like:

  • Power

  • Stop / play song

  • Next and previous song

  • Volume up and down

  • Mute

  • Bass button

  • Function

And it is really convenient to be able to regulate this device from the remote not getting up each time to change song or sound level. And a good thing to know is that the volume up or down buttons will control the docking stations internal volume but if your device is connected with bluetooth this will control the devices volume.

The final thing to mention at this review is the docking platform itself and it is quite an interesting design. If you are using bluetooth connection the connector platform can be sealed inside the device because it is positioned at the back and has a slide in and out feature. When you want to connect your Android smart device or Iphone you need to slide out the rectangular docking platform and place the device on it. After this action you can adjust the back connector cover to support any device so it will sit firmly and won’t wiggle around on the connector. As I mentioned before you can connect Apple and Android devices to this speaker because there are two connectors on that connector cover that are:

  • Micro USB for Android and other smart devices

  • 30 pin connector for Apple products

This two connector setup is something Samsung has really nailed because many people have two and more smart devices and not all are from the same maker so now there is one dock that can support them all. Well almost all as the new Iphone and Ipad have the lighting connector but this dock doesn’t have this capability.

There is also an android application for when your device is connected to the dock as it remembers what song were playing when your device is disconnected and it also has a good home screen!

Samsung DA-E570 docking port viewFinal thoughts

This multi-functional Android docking station is one of the best ones that you can buy and the stylish design and all those amazing capabilities make it one of my favorite docks and those small drawbacks are nothing compared to all those advantages over similar speaker / dock stations.


Erick Hodge

Erick Hodge

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