Samsung DA-E550 docking station review

Overall Score:4.2
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Perfect built quality and design
  • Well known manufacturer
  • Decent sound quality
  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • Dual connector for both Android and Apple devices
  • Remote Controller to control docking station from distance
  • Could be better sound quality when bass mode is turned on
  • No display
  • No standard USB port


DA-E550 docking station is manufactured by Samsung. Samsung is a well known brand in all kind of electronic device manufacturing. Being one of the main android smartphone brand in the world, Samsung has started to make a docking stations for their Galaxy Series smartphones. Samsung is known for their high quality and reliable products and is one of the most popular electronic device and component manufacturer, so what can we expect from this docking station audio system ?

Samsung DA-E550-docking-station


This Samsung DA-E550 docking station is sad to be manufactured for Samsung Galaxy series smartphones, but can actually be used with almost any kind of music streaming device – mp3 players, different phones, tablets, smartphones from all other manufacturers, including Apple iPhones, iPads, and iPod series. The dock itself has got two pins¬†Samsung DA-E550-dual-dock¬†– dual docking system in front of it that can be pulled out nicely when needed. One socket is for micro USB charging, which can be used for android devices and other pin is for Apple devices that has got 30 pin connector. For the newest Apple gadgets like iPhone 5, which has got Apple slimmed down Lightning connector with 8 pins, a converter will be needed from standard 30 pin to Lightning connector. On this charging pin you can put android devices that has got micro USB sockets on top or bottom of the phone. Other devices, with connector on sides might not be possible to plug in on this pin, because the design of speakers will no allow it physically, but this dock is designed for Samsung smartphones, so that is not actually a problem, because all Galaxy devices does not have micro USB sockets on their sides. Apart from that, there is also AUX connection at the back of the dock. There you can attach any of you MP3, CD or DVD players to be able to play music through the dock. This makes Samsung DA-E550 a universal docking station, because you can play music on this dock from many devices. Continuing with connectivity, devices connects to this dock via Bluetooth. In opposite to other android docking stations that use Bluetooth 2.1 technology, this station uses Bluetooth 3.0, which is faster and with apt-X codec, there will be no loss in sound quality, when transferring music from phone to dock. So this makes Samsung’s device ahead of other competing android docking stations. Samsung DA-E550 has got two speakers and total power output is 10W (5W from one speaker). It also comes with remote controller. It has features like play/pause/next/previous/on/off, also volume can be controlled with remote control, and on other feature that remote control has is power bass, which makes lows and bass sound more powerful and enjoyable. Samsung also provides a wireless audio app. With this app you can music from Galaxy devices and access some other great features like checking battery level, weather reports, current time and temperature, app lets you play music from where you left it after you have received call or disconnected the device from dock and then connected it back later. Other android devices can use this application too, but some will not be able to use it because of firmware compatibility issues. The product dimension is 463x122x152 mm (W x H x D) and weight is 1.6 which is not that much, but is enough to hold your phone in place when docked in station. Now lets see, what are advantages and disadvantages for this docking station compared with other competing docking stations.


  • Perfect built quality and design;
  • Well known manufacturer – Samsung;
  • Decent sound quality from 5 Watt speakers;
  • Bluetooth 3.0 to add even more quality to sound streaming from your device;
  • Dual connector for both Android and Apple devices;
  • Remote Controller makes it more easy to control from distance.


  • Some people might find sound not so pleasant when bass mode is turned off, so for better performance you should listen to you device with bass mode on;
  • If you need a docking station with alarm clock, this dock will not be a choice for you, because it simply does not support this feature. However, this is speaker dock, not alarm dock, so this is actually not a disadvantage, but more of a warning to people that needs alarm clock feature in their docking stations;
  • There should be a display on the dock to better control the features of docking station, like if the bass mode is on or off;
  • No standard USB port – not possible to connect devices with standard USB cable.


The Samsung DA-E550 docking station is beautifully looking, excellently built device, with high quality sound and support for both Android and Apple devices. With its dual docking system, you can connect both iPhone or iPod device and Samsung Galaxy or other supported android device to dock at the same time. With its great looks, design and sound quality, this docking station is a must have for your home, as a bedroom or livingroom sound station. With its minor disadvantages and all the advantages, this android docking station with speakers is one of the best of its category and price range at this time.

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Erick Hodge

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