Samsung Galaxy Multimedia Desktop Charging Dock review

Overall Score:4.1
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Included charger
  • Rubberized bottom
  • Amazing design
  • Made by Samsung
  • 3.5 mm audio out port
  • Can support all Samsung devices
  • Is made to support Smartphones with covers and protective shields
  • Don’t have integrated loudspeakers
  • Fairly expensive considering the limited functionality
  • Glared surface is like a fingerprint magnet

Samsung Galaxy Multimedia Desktop Charging Dock front view

This Samsung dock is made specially for Samsung’s Galaxy line phones like Nexus, Galaxy S line and Galaxy Note line and manufacturer says it only work with genuine Samsung products. This Docking station is made by Samsung so you can expect great build quality and full compatibility with any of their phones. This docking station has the measurements of 1.5 inches x 3.5 inches x 6 inches (3.81cm x 8.89cm x 15.24 cm) so it is not a big device but it weighs around 4.8 ounces or 136 grams and because of this weight you can conclude that it is made from plastic. But the plastic is no regular one and you do get a really sturdy feel and the design is brilliant with that shiny metal like glared surface that will blend in in any environment but won’t overpower any colors as it is in grey color.

This dock in my mind is perfect for the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 phones because they also have similar glared surface back covers and they go well together with this charging station. And another big plus is that it can support phones with covers and lids as the back cover of the charging port is made to accommodate all the designs and thicknesses of phones that could go inside the dock.

If you are not using this device the lid where the phone docks can be folded inside to get a sleek box shaped device that will blend on your desk and won’t be noticeable. But when you want to charge or dock your Smartphone then just open the lid while it clicks and fixes in the right position and put your device in.

Samsung Galaxy Multimedia Desktop Charging Dock back view

When you dock your phone you will instantly get the docking screen that you can customize and the phone will feel solid on the charging port and the backrest will also help to support it so anyone who tells that it is not stable is doing something wrong! I also like that the phone sits at an angle and that makes it even more convenient to use it while it is docking.

At the bottom of this small device you will get two ports one audio 3.5 mm Speaker Line out and a Micro USB charger port for supplying electricity to this dock and charging your phone.
At the bottom of the device you get rubberized cover that helps to keep this dock in place and won’t let it slide around on your desk and that makes it even more stable!

Samsung Galaxy Multimedia Desktop Charging Dock closed viewFinal thoughts

If you just bought a Samsung smartphone and are looking for a docking station to charge your phone while displaying clock and weather updates then this is a perfect product for you because this is made by Samsung and made particularly for Samsung phones. The design is great, it is small and will work on any Samsung product so this is truly the best Android docking station for Samsung Phones.

Erick Hodge

Erick Hodge

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