Jensen JBD-100 review

Jensen JBD-100
Overall Score:4.5
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Bluetooth
  • 2 AA batteries for clock and alarm settings
  • Built in FM receiver
  • 1 Inch display
  • Can’t adjust the max alarm volume

About the Brand

Jensen is a company that has it’s roots in the early 1915 when Peter Jensen co-invented the modern loudspeaker but is was only in 1925 when Peter started his own company called Jensen Radio Manufacturing and this is the origin for our modern Jensen products. As the years went by this company always stayed at the forefront of cutting edge technology and they manufacture all their products around this loudspeaker technology. Because Peter was also involved in the creation of the first Car audio speaker the current line of products that range from portable handsets to car stereo systems is a logical step that had to be made to adapt to the ever changing technology world. Today Jensen is still one of the leading small audio system manufacturers and they make everything from car audio systems and small speakers to sophisticated docking stations for your smartphone or music players.

JBD-100 Review

jensen JBD-100 back viewThis docking station is a masterpiece of technology and design that has merged into one of the best radio clocks with the function of docking your smartphone or music player. From the outside this device has the dimensions of 3.5 inches x 7.95 inches x 3.66 inches (8.89 cm x 20.1 cm x 9.3 cm) and it weighs about 1.3 pounds (490 grams) and that means that this is a somewhat small dock/alarm clock. Looking at this device from the outside it has a beautiful triangular looking shape with rounded edges and a wide profile and the whole body is made from black plastic that has a glazed finish but be careful as it attracts fingerprints. The whole device has a really sleek profile that stands upright on any flat surface but also has rubberized feet to ensure it does not slide on uneven surfaces or friction less glass tables.

At the front of this docking station there is one loudspeaker on the left side and 1 inch Digital clock display to the right of that loudspeaker. This speaker has a great sound quality and enough volume to wake you up and to fill your room with nice sounding melodies that can cheer you up. This loudspeaker also has a black cover that spans the height of the whole front edge. That display that I mentioned has display dimmer control and multiple light levels that allow you to turn it down at night so it does not disrupt your sleep. Below this display there is the company logo that instantly shows you that this is a Jensen product and that gives confidence about this products performance and build quality. On that display there are icons for dual alarm clocks and also one that shows if the bluetooth is enabled or not.

At the top there are some physical buttons like Zzz,Snooze, On/Off, Volume controls, Tuner buttons and some other controls. Then at the top there is also a slot that can be opened where your smartphone or music player sits and this is the best part of this docking station because you are able to mount your phone on top and it will always be there when you need it.

jensen JBD-100 side viewBecause this is a multifunctional device at the back there is a USB connector that can give you up to 1 Amp of power and that is usually enough to charge any smartphone and other devices that use USB connection for charging. This means that you can dock and charge any device that include Android, Apple and many other smartphones, tablets and even regular Mp3 and Mp4 players. At the back there is also an AUX input that allows you to connect your device with that loudspeaker and get louder and better sound. But because Jensen has designed this device to be very easy to use they have also built in a Bluetooth connection that allows you to sync any smartphone and listen to music wirelessly and even take remote calls.

This Android docking station is powered from an external electricity socket and has no built in battery for music playback but it has two AA batteries for alarm settings and clock settings if there is a power outage. This backup power ensures you that you won’t oversleep and that is very assuring.

Overall there are no obvious flaws and the fact that there is an FM radio receiver, Bluetooth connection and an external loudspeaker makes this one of the best docking station for your Android smartphone but because it has a regular USB socket it will also work with many other different devices.

Erick Hodge

Erick Hodge

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