Eton Rukus solar powered bluetooth speaker system

Eton Rukus android bluetooth speaker system
Overall Score:4.2
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Solar powered speakers
  • Great for outdoor usage
  • Attractive design and color
  • E-ink screen
  • Can charge your mobile device via USB port
  • Light and easy to carry with built in handler
  • Speaker volume could be louder for outdoor usage
  • Could be water resistant


Eton is consumer electronics manufacturer that makes different wireless and radio electronic gadgets, starting from radios to solar powered Android docking stations. Eton is unique in the way that their products works with nature’s energy. For example, their wireless speakers have built in solar panels, which charges speakers battery with sunlight. This is ideal for different outdoor activities like camping, where you cannot get direct electric charging source, so you are left with as much energy as your docking stations battery has. Eton has been around since 1986, thats more than 25 years of consumer electronic products manufacturing, and they certainly have made their reputation in wireless electronics market, by manufacturing excellent quality products.


This bluetooth wireless speaker/docking station is unique in the way that it can charge itself with solar energy. It has got built in monocrystal solar panel that chargers Li-ion 1500mA battery. This is one of the best portable speakers for outdoor usage that we have seen. It will work for more than 8 hours with one full charge, and will charge the docking station in about 6 hours, depending on the intensity of the sunlight. Solar energy is getting more and more popular these days, because it is free for everyone and you do not have to pay for sunlight. This wireless speaker can also be used indoors with AC adapter, so you do not have to worry about lack of sunlight inside the house.eton-rukus-docking-station-handler In our opinion this android speaker dock will be the best suited for those people, who like to spend lot of time outdoors. Perfect for backyard usage, camping, outdoor parties and other activities. Eton Rukus bluetooth speaker has got integrated handle, so you can easily carry it from one place to other. Besides this iPhone and Android docking station, Eton has got other smaller and larger portable bluetooth speakers that also have got built in solar panels and can be charged with sun energy. Using these portable speakers you do not need to have additional external battery, if you want to go outside hiking or on longer trips, because docking station will charge with sun energy. Eton Rukus wireless speaker system has got holder for your smartphone in the back of the speaker, so you can safely put your smartphone inside the speakers holder, and it will stay in steady place, while streaming music to the portable speakers.


The sound comes from two full range external speakers that are powerful enough, to be used at smaller outdoor gatherings and parties. Eton Rukus android bluetooth speaker system has got stereo sound, crystal clear sound quality and additional bass for more powerful sound level.


In addition, you can also charge your smartphone with USB charger. Eton Rukus has got usb port, so you can also charge your smartphone or tablet, while it plays your favorite music tracks. This means that these are not only portable speakers, but also a portable charger for your smartphone or tablet, that you can use anywhere outdoors, and dock will charge your phone with solar panel collected energy that is stored in large Li-ion 1500mA battery, or with AC power, if plugged into electricity socket.


This wireless bluetooth speaker supports both bluetooth and AUX connection options. Pairing your android smartphone or tablet with speaker system via bluetooth is easy and fast. It has got one touch pairing and control system, which instantly paris your mobile device with docking station. If you have other type of device like mp3 player, that does not have bluetooth technology, you can also use AUX input and connect your mp3 player to external speaker with 3.5mm AUX jack. This means that you can connect practically any music player to Rukus external music speakers. E-ink display (same as used in e-readers like Kindle) ensures maximum visibility in sunlight, so you can see all information displayed on speakers built in screen.

Size and packaging

Eton Rukus wireless speaker systems dimensions are (WxHxD) – 12’’(30.5cm) x 3.5’’(8.9cm) x 8.37’’(21.3cm) and weight is 3.53lbs(1.6kg). The docking station comes with AC adapter, owner’s manual and manufacturers warranty. Rukus wireless speaker comes with 3 months free music access to MOG music service at value of 30 dollars, so you can enjoy your favorite music tracks and artists for three months without any cost.


Eton has done really great job of manufacturing different portable electronic devices including Rukus portable speakers. Their solar powered wireless speakers are unique of their kind and you will not see other android docking station powered with solar energy. Eton Rukus wireless speaker system is made for outdoor usage, when you do not have any other possibility to power your docking station. This speaker system will run and charge with solar panel all day and you can plug in AC adapter and charge it indoors at night. In our opinion, this is perfect device for any travellers or campers, who wants to listen to music and charge their mobile devices, and useful for outdoor gatherings and parties. The attractive design and quality of this wireless speaker dock makes it one of the best portable android docking stations that you can buy.


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