Desktop Sync Charger Dock Station for Samsung S3 or Note 2 review

Overall Score:3.3
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Removable gel mold for phones with cases and screen protectors
  • Simple design
  • Limited functions
  • Limited color options
  • Fits only two phone models

Samsung galaxy S3 docking station top viewThis is a great product for Samsung galaxy S3 owners if they want to rest their phone on any surface almost vertically and charge it or sync it at the same time.

This is a very simple device and it does not have a lot of functionality, but it is a docking station in that sense that you can plug it to a wall power outlet or connect to your computer and it will charge your Galaxy S3 or Galaxy Note 2 phone with no problems. The device itself is made from plastic and there is not a lot of weight on it, but it can handle your phone with no problem and if you don’t purposely make it to fall, it will be quite resilient and feel solid. I think for a price that is so low you will be able to enjoy this cheap Samsung cradle / docking station and put your phone upright on your nightstand or desk where it will show you time, weather or social updates as you get them! I like to use this device with docking application that lets me get my emails and social (twitter, facebook) updates as they are posted and I don’t need to set alerts on my computer, while I am working.

The upright position is also good for movie watching or other slideshows that will make your work desk feel more joyful and alive or allow you to enjoy music at your nightstand. You can also use your docked S3 or Note 2 phone as an alarm clock and with that ergonomic position you will be able to see the time from any angle.S3 charging in the docking station

At the docking bed there is the charger port that is specially aligned to fit your i9300 Samsung phone with or without any covers or protectors and because there is a silicon gel mold inside the bed that can be removed you will be able to fit most phones with TPU cases , silicone cases and also slim cases, but you can have problems with those hard thick cases as they alter the shape of your phone quite a bit and the dock is not designed for that.  A good thing you must know before buying this dock is that the silicone mold is also in the color of the docking station so the visual feel will be neutral and won’t catch your eye that much. And another great fact is that the micro USB charger is a really solid made and won’t allow your phone to juggle around and I have seen this dock being used for several months with no problems!

Samsung galaxy S3 dock and silicong moldWhen you want to use your smartphone as it is docked with the surrounding gel still inside, you will need to use the touch screen more often because the button at the bottom will be partially covered and that can be a bit frustrating, but it is not that tight that you can’t press it, just some of you may find it a bit annoying.

I mentioned earlier that you can charge or sync your smartphone and at the back there is a micro USB connector so you will need to use your previous phone cable or another one, but these days micro-USB cables are really cheap!

Overall this Samsung Galaxy S3 or Galaxy Note 2 docking station / charging cradle is a nice and cheap attribute to have if you like to position your device upright and see some updates or just the clock on your work desk or nightstand!

Erick Hodge

Erick Hodge

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