TOP 5 Android Docking stations

The growing popularity of Android smartphones and tablets requires for better and more advanced Android gadgets. Android docking stations are on top of the Android accessories market that will improve your devices usage a lot. Starting from speaker docks to alarm clock docks, these docking stations will replace your Android devices speakers with more powerful and feature rich Android docking stations. These are the TOP5 android docking stations overall, considering their quality, features, price, manufacturer and popularity that we have chosen.

(EDIT 2016: The table includes updated versions for multiple docks.)

Alarm clock
Samsung DA-E750 android docking stationSamsung DA-E7505No
Philips Fidelio AS351Philips AS3514No
Hale speaker dockHale Speaker dock4No
Philips AS140 android alarm dockPhilips AS1404Yes
Hale Dreamer alarm clock dockHale Dreamer5Yes

Samsung DA-E750 android speaker dock

samsung-da-e750-largeWhen it comes down to quality and perfect design there is no match for Samsung docking stations. And Samsung DA-E750 android docking station is one of the best docks you can get for your android device. It is packed with many great features in a beautiful looking device. This device has got amazing 100W output power with 2.1 channel. This is about 10 times more than many other popular android docking stations. It also has got a built in subwoofer for more powerful sound with great level of bass. There are numerous connection options for this station. You can connect you device to dock with Samsung AirPlay application, bluetooth connection, AllShare play, AUX connection, USB or micro USB connection or wireless LAN. Wireless LAN feature is only supported by few docking stations. Dual docking system allows you to dock your Android and Apple device at the same time. Bluetooth 3.0 technology and apt-X will ensure that there will be no losses in sound quality. Built in vacuum tube amp and crystal amplifier plus will make the sound more warmer and richer, closer to real life sound. As other users have pointed out, this android docking station is similar to other home music systems with its excellent sound quality, loudness and output power. To top it all off, its classic design will make it a great addition to any room, and with all the features it will give you, there is no doubt that Samsung DA-E750 android docking station is a must have for anyone that enjoys listening to music.

Philips Fidelio AS351 android docking station

philips-fidelio-as351-largePhilips Fidelio AS351 is one of the Philips Fidelio series android docks that not only looks good, but also sounds like a premium android speaker dock. It uses bluetooth technology to stream music from your device to docks speakers and micro usb plug to charge your phone, while you are listening to music. This means absolutely no need for wires from your phone to docking station, which gives more cleaner and simpler look. But if your device does not have bluetooth connection you can always use 3.5mm AUX input to connect almost any device. FlexiDock feature allows to dock and charge almost any android device, as you can adjust the micro USB bundle to suit your device size and usb port placement. This android docking station has got 10 watts output power with dynamic bass boost feature for more powerful sound quality. It can also work without a charger, with AA batteries that will give you up to 8 hours of music listening. Philips Fidelio AS351 has got Philips quality design. The dock will look great on your desk at home or work and will give you the best moments with favorite music tracks. Philips also provides one year warranty for AS351 android speaker dock.

Hale Speaker Android Dock

hale-speaker-dock-largeHale is one of the new Android docking station manufacturers, which has made its popularity with quality android docking stations. Hale Devices was founded in 2011 and has made its success in android audio accessory market. Hale Devices was formerly known as Sonr Labs Inc. This particular sound device is called Hale Speaker Dock for Android. It has got few advantages that makes this dock on the top line of speaker docks for its design and price. However, this device does not have bluetooth connection, so if you are looking for android bluetooth speakers, this device will not be the right choice for you. Hale Speaker dock uses 3.5mm stereo connection with AUX cable. This means that you will get the best sound quality possible and will not have to worry about bluetooth connection or any loses in sound quality. Also it will be compatible with any Android device that has got micro USB charger socket and 3.5 mm stereo input. The sound comes from two high performance 2 inch speakers with 3 inch integrated subwoofer for bass. The total output power for this dock is 16 watts, which will be enough for any room in your house. One of the best thing is that it comes with a remote control, so you can control the station from a distance. It has got buttons such as power, play and pause, volume up and down, next track and previous track and mute. All these buttons, except mute, are located on the top right side of the speaker dock, and you can control dock with these buttons, or with the buttons on the remote control. Hale Speaker Dock also has got well thought, black design, that will make it a good addition to any room you will use it. The manufacturer provides one year warranty for this product.


Philips AS140 android alarm dock

philips-fidelio-as140-largePhilips AS140 is one of the Philips Fidelio android alarm clock docking stations. It has got all the great features that alarm dock needs starting from powerful speakers, digital clock, great look and more.  As other Philips Android docks, it supports both bluetooth connection and 3.5mm AUX input, so you can choose your favorite way to dock your android device. It has got an adjustable micro USB charger plug, which also can hold tablets, not only smartphones. This particular android docking station has got 10 watt speakers, which will be perfect for your bedroom and will wake up you in mornings without any problem, and with dynamic bass boost technology will be powerful enough for everyday music listening. What makes this docking station a perfect alarm clock is its clock display, which shows current time with large and easily visible numbers that will also be easy to see at night. The clock time will synchronize with your phone, so you will always get the right time on your dock. FM and Internet Radio features allows you to wake up in the morning with your favorite music tracks. It also has got attractive and modern look and all black finish, which will look good in any bedroom. Perfect device to wake you up in the mornings. Philips is also offering one year warranty for Fidelio AS140 android docking station.


Hale Dreamer alarm clock dock

hale-dreamer-dock-largeHale has made its way to top Android docking station manufacturers quite fast. Together with its Android speaker dock they also have Hale Dreamer Android Alarm clock dock. This is truly one of the best android alarm clock docks you will see. It is well thought, with great level of attention made to details, so every feature you need for alarm dock with speakers is there. It has got one 10W speaker, which is no less than other competitive alarm docks have and will bring you enough sound power to wake you up in the mornings. But probably the best part of this android docking station is ability to customize every small detail. You can set alarm repeat any time you need, wake up and go to sleep to your favorite music track or radio, while the dock will turn sound off when you will be sleeping and on again, when you will need to wake up. You can style the digital clock as you like with different numeral style options. It uses 3.5mm AUX connection to connect your device to dock and charge it with micro USB charger. Hale Dreamer SmartSilence feature will silence your phone at night, and you can make list of blocked numbers and make auto-replay, this way you can choose, who can disturb you at night and who cannot. It also has got the most useful buttons on the docking station to control the volume, brightness, snooze your phone and for music playback. Many useful features and functions, compact size and great sound quality will make this android docking station the best alarm clock dock you can get, and will make waking up in the mornings more enjoyable and pleasant.


You need to consider, which type of android docking station is more suitable for your needs, or which manufacturer you trust most, or which device will look best in your home. These are the best and most popular android docking stations you can currently get, so check them out and choose, which android docking station will be the best for your desires.

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