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If you have just bought a new Android car dock or want to see some cool and useful Android apps that can be used in car, this article is for you. Here I will list the most popular Android car apps in different categories. Starting from the most popular GPS and Navigation applications used by millions of Android users worldwide, to different interesting and useful apps like car location apps, car maintenance applications and other apps that will improve your driving experience and make car usage more comfortable.


Firstly, lets start with the most popular type of Android car apps, and ones of most popular apps on Google Play store – Maps and Navigation apps.

Google Maps

google maps logoGoogle Maps has been one of the most popular Digital Maps for many years now. Improving user experience regularly, this application is must have for any Android car dock user, who likes to travel and want to have the best maps and navigation possible for free in their Android phones. Google maps have been downloaded more than 500 million times on Google Play store and has received more than 4 stars out of 5, which is really amazing. The app normally uses mobile internet connection and GPS for data downloads, while you are driving, to show you all places you need and provide accurate navigation. But maps also can be used offline, if you are travelling in different country and do not want to pay extra for the internet connection. You can choose any place you need on the map and download it on your phone for later use.  Google maps covers 200 countries worldwide and provides GPS navigation, live traffic reports, detailed information about different tourism points, museums, food places and other useful information you may need on the road.


waze logoWaze is one of the most popular and definitely useful Android car apps that I have ever used. Waze has been around for some time now, gaining its huge popularity few years ago. Some time ago it was bought by Google and has become even more popular since then. Waze is social navigation application. You can register your profile on Waze, earn points and become better user by driving for longer time, checking in different actions on the road like police, accidents, traffic jams or speed cameras. You can also see other wazers close to you, when waze is turned on. Waze has really quality and accurate navigation system, which shows you the most closest and fastest routes, avoids traffic jams and other places that could hold you down. It has got voice guided navigation, so you do not need to watch the screen all the time while driving. Users are posting police traps and speed cameras on the map frequently, which is really cool thing on this Android app. Overall, this is a must have Android car dock application for any daily driver or a car user.

Have you ever parked your car on a filled parking lot on shopping day and after day spent shopping do not remember, where you parked your car? Than these apps are for your – Car location apps.

Car Locator

car-locator-logoThis application does what the name says. It helps you to locate your car, when you cannot remember, where you parked it. Ideal application for larger cities, where people sometimes cannot find their cars on larger parking lots. Also can be useful for tourists. When you drive to new city and do not know all the streets and places, this application will guide you to your car, so you will not lose the place, you car is parked in that city. Car Locator provides map view, which shows the exact place, where your car is parked. You can also choose the radar option, which will show how far away you are from the car. Another useful feature is parking meter, which shows how long your car has been parked. This can be useful on toll parkings. You can try Car Locator Trial version to see, if this application is useful for you.

MyCar Locator

mycar-locator-logoMyCar Locator is similar application to Car locator and is made for the same purpose, to help you find the way to your car. This application also uses GPS to store your cars coordinates, and later, when you need to find your car, just push one button and app will show you the way to your car. It can also be used on other place like hotels, different useful places on cities, or when you are in the nature for example camping. Application is free to download for anyone.

Car Locator by LKE TECH

lketech-car-locator-logoThis Android car locator app differs to both previous with its 3D maps. Some people may find 3D maps to be better for finding direction to their car. This application also provides notes feature and shows parking time. You can see both your and your cars location on the map. Car Locator by LKE TECH is also free application.

One of the most useful type of Android Car dock applications on the road are Speed cameras and police detection apps.


trapster-logoTrapster Android app is similar to Waze application and uses real time user updates to show you any police traps, speed cameras, hazards and traffic jams on your selected routes. This application also shows speedometer and speed limits, so you always can drive at a safe speed. The Trapster application is pretty popular and app has been downloaded for more than 5 million times on Google Play.


camsam-logoThis is really great Android speed camera app, which shows any fixed speed cameras near and alerts you, while you are driving. The application works worldwide, so it can be useful when you travel in different countries. The application automatically updates every 5 minutes, so you will have recent information about any speed cameras near you.

If your car has speedometer in such place, which is inconvenient to see, or your speedometer has got some problems and is not working properly, or you just want a cooler car speedometer,  then these apps are for your – Speedometer apps.


speedhud-logoSpeedHUD is really simple Android car dock application, which shows you the speed you are driving at. Its not overwhelmed with functions, just basic speedometer that will work on practically any Android device. Ideal for Android car docks. You can point you Android car dock to windshield at night and turn the SpeedHUD app on, and see the speedometer on the cars windshield, so you do not have to turn your eyes off the road. Nice and simple Android car dock speedometer app.

SpeedView Pro

speedview-pro-logoThis is the ultimate Android speedometer application. You have to pay couple bucks for it, but it is worth it. SpeedView Pro will show your driving speed on good looking speedometer. It has got high accuracy. This Android car dock app will also show your maximum and average speeds, speed graph for latest minutes and speed warning for speed limits in the area. SpeedView Pro application will also shows the travel direction, total distance and time travelled. The application can also work on the background and alert you, when you exceed the maximum allowed speed.

Every car driver has come in situation, where he needs to find closest fuel station as fast as possible, or want to locate the stations with lowest fuel prices –  Fuel apps.


gasbuddy-logoGasBuddy is the most popular Android gas price application on Google Play. It has been downloaded more than 10 million times. The application shows the cheapest price gas stations near you. The application is really simple and you can find the cheapest gas prices just with one tap. Users love this application, because it helps to save them lots of money. GasBuddy shows gas prices only in USA and Canada.


plugshare-logoPlugShare application is for the green thinking. It shows you the closest electric vehicle charging stations. It also shows the electric vehicle charging stations real time availability and reviews about located charging stations. This application may not be so popular yet, but will come a lot more popular in the next years, due to the growing popularity of the electric cars. PlugShare application shows electric charging stations only in North America.


fuellog-logoFuelLog is really useful Android car app for any car or motorbike drivers. You can track your cars fuel consumption and costs with this application, and see how much your car costs. FuelLog application calculates different useful statistics like fuel consumption, total or average cost of mileage, average costs per month or year, total driven distances and other expenses your car has. It also works with electric cars using kWh. The app shows all information in easy to understand graphs and charts. The stored information can also be exported as .csv file for calculations.

Some years ago we used to write all our cars maintenance details and information down on paper and track everything by ourselves or our car mechanic, but now you can use any of the popular Android Car Maintenance applications.

Torque Pro

torque-pro-logoTorque Pro is really popular and well made Android car maintenance app. This application can be used with cars that uses OBD 2 standard. You can check with your manufacturer or see if “OBD2” is written somewhere in you engine bay. Most cars made after year 2000 uses OBD standard. You also need a Bluetooth OBD2 adapter for this app to work. These adapters can be found on amazon, ebay or special car or electronic stores worldwide. Torque Pro application shows real time information about your car performance, sensor data, OBD fault codes, dynamometer, horsepower and torque, transmission temperatures, 0-60 speed times and other useful information about your car. The application can show and reset DTC and CEL fault codes. You can also use the GPS with OBD logs, to see what you were doing in certain places. This application will help you to fix your car without need of specialist and save you money on repair costs.


acar-logoaCar is also popular Android car maintenance application that has been downloaded more than million time on Google Play. With help of this Android application you can keep track of all your cars expenses, fuel consumption, maintenance, services and other costs. The application looks really nice, the design is simple and understandable and with many graphs and charts you can keep track of any car expenses really easily. This application also supports multiple vehicles. With aCar you can keep track with all your cars upcoming repairs bases on time or your cars mileage. aCar also has got pro version of their app, which supports more languages, has got few user interface shortcuts, more charts and data visualizations. With pro version you can also export data to excel csv format or browser understandable html format.

Apps for car docks are made specifically to use with different android car docks. They are made with convenient user interface that can easily be used in a car, and packs all the most used features you need while driving.

Car Home

car-home-logoCar Home is Google Android car dock application. It uses the powerful and reliable Google Maps navigation. The application is made with really simple user interface. The most important shortcuts are placed on the home screen of this Android Car dock app like Navigation, Phone, Voice Search and others, but you can also place any shortcut that you use more often.

Car Dashboard

car-dashboard-logoCar Dashboard is another useful Android car dock application. You can use it as speedometer or as car dock home screen. You can place and easily access your favorite apps or settings with the home screen shortcuts. The app automatically launches when you put it into a car dock. This application is universal and without car dock screen also offers such features like speedometer, speed alerts, current location and temperature, max speed and other. You can also buy the Car Dashboard pro version, which is ad free and has the option to shows the current street.

iOnRoad Augmented Driving Pro

ionroad-logoiOnRoad is multifunctional Android car dock application. The basic use of this app is to alert you, when you drive too close to front vehicle and you need to start braking. It also alerts you when you are too close to the sides of the road. You just need to dock your phone in Android car dock or windshield mount  and face the phones camera to point out of the windshield. This way the application algorithms together with the phone camera can track whether you are too close to front vehicle and need to start braking, or you are too close to the sides of the road. iOnRoad application also offers other Android car dock app features like speeding alerts, car locator option, video and image capturing, automatic calls direction to speakers and sms notification reader. iOnRoad Pro application is available on Google Play and is paid version of this app.

Car Home Ultra

car-home-ultra-logoCar Home Ultra is useful, feature packed Android car dock application. It will ensure you safety while driving and operating your phone, because all needed and useful functions and apps will be located on applications home screen or can be easily accessible from the app. Car Home Ultra has got customizable data panel with many useful features, such as speedometer and speed alarm, compass, altimeter and battery meter, clock, current weather conditions with voice play, current location with voice play and even more. You can place your custom shortcuts with most used apps and features, use Car Home Ultra media controls, for more easy music controlling. There are different color schemes for daylight and night. This application also has auto bluetooth on and off mode. Car Home Ultra is really useful Android car dock app, with many customizable functions and controls for more easy and safe driving. You can try Car Home Ultra Android car dock application free for 30 days.

What is and Android device without fun apps? Android car docks also has got couple Fun applications useful for your entertainment.


xlr8-logoXLR8 is fun android application that can make your car sound like a supercar. Just dock your phone into Android car dock and connect it to your cars speakers. This app uses your device’s accelerometer to respond to movements of your car like acceleration, braking and cornering and makes appropriate sounds, so your car sounds like a supercar. You can select between five engines – Ferrari, Ford Mustang, V8 muscle, Lamborghini and Nascar engine.

Music service application

google-play-musicAt the end, I want to also make your attention to music streaming service applications. They are really popular right now and have been downloaded hundreds of millions times. Music application like Spotify and Google Play Music will definitely make your drive more pleasant, relaxing and fun as you can listen to any of your favorite tracks and artists, while your smartphone sits in Android car dock. Check out all the Android music streaming apps on Google Play store and choose the most suitable for you.


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