Top Android car docks

iBOLT xProDock

iBOLT xProDock is an Android car mount that is designed to fit almost all the newest Android smartphones starting from Motorola to Samsung models and it does it all with an adjustable docking mechanism. Basically you get a dock that has a stick anywhere suction mount that will stick to most car dashboard and definitely will fit on all windshields. The docking mechanism is made so that the bottom of the phone is held by two arms but the top is held by one arm so that it is like a 3 finger grip. Inside of those arms is coated with rubber to ensure that your smartphone will not slip out of that mount. Apart from the usual maneuvering options to position your phone in the right viewing angle this dock also has a cable that allows you to charge and and also listen to your favorite music from your Android powered phone. Basically the dock is designed so that when you put your phone in you also connect that micro USB connection and the cable somehow splits the two signals that come out – one into an USB power adapter and the other for 3.5 mm auxiliary cable that can be plugged anywhere you need.

iBolt combined

iOttie HLCRIO102

iOttie HLCRIO102 is a car mount that is designed to fit almost all size and shape smartphones including Android and Apple devices. This car mount is designed to be fully 360 degree rotatable to fit almost any viewing angle and car, but the most notable part is the super strong suction mechanism that allows you to place it even upside down and still get top quality performance on almost any roads and weather conditions. Basically this iOttie dock is designed to work anywhere but the most prominent feature of it is the one touch dock and release mechanisms that allow you to place your phone in there with just one hand and also to take it out of this mount with one hand. The docking mechanism is cleverly designed and it amazingly works as expected and does not give any slipping even on really bumpy roads. In this car docking station you can put smartphones that have the width from 2.3 inches to 3 inches (5.8 cm to 7.6 cm) and that includes a wide range of products. That suction or gel pad that i mentioned has the diameter of 2.5 inches (6.35cm) and that is why it is able to hold this mount anywhere and even on not so even surfaces like glass.

iOttie 102 combined

iOttie HLCRIO104

iOttie HLCRIO104 is similar to the previous docking station in almost all of their specifications but this dock has just two holding arms and there are no bottom holes that could catch the phone if it would get launched out on a bumpy road. This HLCRIO104 model is also a bit more compact and it also looks better because of that compact size. Basically both the 102 and 104 iOttie Android car mounts are great and you have to choose witch one is better suited for you almost entirely from price and from the look of it but keep in mind that this model has fewer holder arms and if your car has stiff suspension the phone can juggle around even if it is securely docked.

iOttie 104 combined

Air Vent Car Mount Holder

Arkon Air vent Car Mount holder is a plastic smartphone holder that is made to if it almost any car in the air vent opening with two clips and there also is a bottom support that does not let your device slip or sag down. This Android car mount can take devices from 2.25 inches to 3.25 inches (5.7 cm x 8.25 cm) in width and that includes a really large array of phones and even some smaller tablets. This dock has two main side holder arms but there are also two smaller support legs at the bottom. They all have polstered padding to secure your phone and do not scratch or allow it to fiddle around. The docking mechanism works great and the securing air-vent mechanism also works great for the most part but be sure to look at your cars air vents as sometimes if they are not horizontally made you will have trouble securing this dock and your phones-weight could only make things worst.

air vent dock with phone

eForCity Wireless FM Transmitter, Holder, Car Mount

eForCity Wireless FM Transmitter and Car Mount is a different kind of a docking station in the sense that this device is not only able to keep your phone in place but also is able to charge it and transmit the music playback through that 3.5mm audio jack that most Android phones have. Basically this is a car cigarette lighted dock and to mount it you need to place one end in the cigarette lighter socket but the other end has the docking mechanism for your phone as well as an USB port for charging and a built in FM transmitter that allows you to transmit music in older cars with no Auxiliary or USB ports. The device itself has great design, great build quality and is really convenient as you can plug in a short cable in the dock and charge your phone from that cigarette lighter socket. Because this dock has that USB out port you can think of many applications for this device and it is not just an Android or other smartphone dock as you can mount even mp3/mp4 players and other similar devices.

eforcity car mount combined

iKross Universal Cigarette Car Mount Holder

iKross Universal car cigarette mount dock is a device that plugs directly into your car’s cigarette lighter socket and has an extended arm for smartphone mounting. Basically the device has built in two USB ports so you can charge up to two devices at the same time from this dock but the whole docking mechanism is even better as you don’t need to secure it anywhere and just put it inside the cigarette lighter socket and adjust that extended mounting arm. iKross has made this dock to fit almost all Android smartphones with two holder arms that have a soft padding inside to protect your phone from scratches and from slipping out of the mounting mechanism. This device is great but you have to be careful because every car has a bit different cigarette lighter and this can fit in one nicely but fiddle around in some other cars, and also you have to look for the size as this dock does not extend that much up. And if you need to watch the GPS then it could be dangerous to always be looking downward for the directions.

iKross universal car mount charger combined

Mountek nGroove MT5000-D

Mountek nGroove MT5000-D is a car mount docking station that allows you to hold your Android smartphone in an upright or horizontal position for GPS viewing just by inserting this dock inside the CD players slot. Basically what you get is a plastic mount that has this ingenious design that is made to fit inside any cars front-loaded cd changer and can hold your phone in place with a simple cushioned 4 point docking mechanism. There is padding on all fours arms as well as on the backside so that your phone could sit firmly in place and do not get scratched. What is amazing about this Mountek product is that you will be able to mount smartphones, tablets and other devices that are up to 4.3 inches (10.9cm) in width and that means you can mount most smartphones horizontally or even vertically and even some tablets in that vertical position. That cd changer mounting mechanism is firm and durable and will hold this device in place easily as this is not this companies first mount and this is actually an iteration of the original mount that is world known for its unique mounting mechanism.

Mountek nGroove combined

Skiva StrongMount M1 Universal Car Holde

Skiva StrongMount M1 is an universal car docking station that allows you to mount your Android, Apple or any other device in a horizontal or vertical position and holds them in place firmly but gently with padded moun legs. This is one of those 360 degree docks and that means you can adjust the position to your hearts liking and because of the multitude of mounting options you can mount it almost anywhere. The default option for mounting is that suction pad but you also get a vent mount head to dock it on those AC vent holes if you want. This Android car mount has one unique feature that detects incoming calls and signals you with those side mounted LED diodes. That allows you to prepare for answering calls while driving in nighttime conditions but that option can also be turned off if you think that it is not helping you. Overall the suction mechanism is strong, and the ac vent mount mechanism is also secure if you decide to use it instead of that gel suction ring.

Skiva StrongMount M1both

Samsung Galaxy Universal Suction Car Mount Kit

This Samsung universal car mount / cradle is a product designed by Samsung themselves so it is perfect for you if you have one of the Samsung Galaxy line smartphones but it can also work with similar Android powered devices. What Samsung has again demonstrated is a real design and functionality innovation as the mount looks stylish, it performs amazing and the suction mechanism is superb. I don’t know how Samsung managed to create such a strong suction mechanism but it is almost impossible to break and I think the mount itself will break sooner than that gel suction pad will give in. If we talk directly about the docking mechanism then there is nothing fancy and it is your typical 4 led holder with soft cushions inside each leg for securing and a perfect form to hold Samsung smartphones. This dock shows what you can make with almost unlimited resources as the styling syde is amazing and even if this dock is made from plastic it feels solid and comfortable but when your phone is docked it does not feel shaky or loose at all!

Samsung universal car mount combined

New Universal Car Cd Dash Slot Mount Holder

Here is another car mount that is made to fit inside your car’s cd player slot and hold your phone in place for GPS or entertainment purposes. Basically you get a plastic docking station that is made to fit a wide range of devices from 1.85 inches to 4.52 inches (4.6cm to 11.4cm) in width so basically you can dock any Android smartphone and even the smallest tablets. This dock has a 360 degree adjustable arm that allows you to create the best viewing position for yourself and the docking mechanism is secure but soft on your phone. This car holder has 4 holder arms with cushion grip padding that will hold your smartphone horizontally and vertically and there is also the same padding on the back to secure the backside of your phone. That CD mounter mechanism is secure and can be tightened not to slip so you wont need to worry about your phone dropping on the ground and that adjustable arm is also secure enough to not let your phone sag on bumpy roads.

universal cd dash mount combined

Dream Wireless Universal Car Mount Holder

Dream universal car mount is a car docking station that allows you to position your Android or other smartphone in a horizontal or vertical position on your dashboard , windshield or even on your AC vents. This dock is made entirely from plastic but so are other products but this dock quite differently from other similar devices have changeable holder mechanisms for different cars and you can choose from a suction cup or a ac vent holder mechanism. The suction head allows your dock to be rotated 360 degrees but with that ac head you can only place your phone in one position so I would much better choose the original cushion cup. The cradle mechanism itself is quite resilient and is also quite massive so it will hold almost any device with or without protective covers, extended batteries and other accessories as long as the devices width is somewhere between 1.75 inches and 4.75 inches (4.4 cm to 12.06 cm) and that include all Android smartphones and various other products like GPS trackers and tablets. There are also lock and fast release mechanism that allow you to seamlessly dock and take out your device from this dock-station.

dream universal car mount combined

One Touch Universal Car Windshield Dashboar

This Xagger one touch universal car mount is a compact low price docking station for your Android phone that will be as good as any other car docks but will give you great suction mechanism, one touch dock and release options as well as super stylish design and really small size. This car mount is designed to fit all Android , Apple, Nokia and other manufacturer devices and is considered an universal docking station. The holder mechanism or the base is a heavy duty style plastic that will hold your device easily and allow your smartphone to display anything you want while it is securely attached to the dashboard or your windshield. That docking mechanism as most car dock ones has 4 holder arms – two on the sides and two on the bottom and of course a soft cushion backside as well as a 360 degree adjustable design and functionality

one touch universal dock both

BoxWave TinyMount – Universal Windshield Dashboard Car Mount

TinyMount from BoxWave is a car docking station that allows you to mount your Android Apple or Nokia devices in a horizontal or vertical position but does that with a minimal two piece design. This car mount is made from only two parts –  the suction pad and the docking mechanism, but both are joined together with two 360 degree joints that allow you to customize the viewing angle to your desire. The docking mechanism uses two suction gel pads that secure your phone in place and there of course is a backside padding but despite only two holder arms the phone feels safe in this device and I doubt that this dock would give up in rough rides. This is the perfect docking station for a stylish car where you don’t want huge cradles but want minimalist products that do their job well and allow you to easily create your smartphone.

BoxWave tiny mount combined

Bolkin 2-in-1 Universal Car Windshield or Vent Mount

Bolkin 2 in 1 is a car mount that has two exchangeable mounting heads – one suction and other ac vent mount. This cell-phone car holder is specially designed to fit most of the modern phones that have the width of 1.7 inches to 3.7 inches (4.5 cm to 9.5 cm)/ The holder mechanism has a quick release button that when pressed quickly releases the hands and launches them in both sides to allow you to take off your smartphone. The design and shape of this product is great, but I do not understand that spiderman drawing on both the red and black versions as it looks somewhat strange when you phone is not mounted but is not visible when something is docked on that mechanism. The suction cup mechanism is cleverly designed to have a twisting knob to easily secure and loosen the grip and like most devices this can be rotated 360 degrees. The holder arms are cushioned and have huge surface area, so no phone will slip out of them.

bolkin 2in1 side combined

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