iC3 Android speaker dock review

Overall Score:3.8
Advantages Disadvantages
  • 4 AA batteries that play the speakers without the electricity cable being plugged in.
  • Attractive design that sets your phone in a comfortable angle for watching movies or getting the latest twitter feed.
  • Great build quality with metallic paintjob
  • Works with iHome application
  • Separate connector for 3.5 millimeter audio jack and charger
  • Built from plastic
  • Doesn’t integrate with your android device
  • Has no sound control buttons.

iC3 front view

This android universal docking station is an inexpensive device that lets you charge your phone and use these external speakers to listen to music or radio. This device has a half pyramid shape that is set to its side and the phone or tablet sits in an angle for better visibility and support.  The device is 6.42 inch x 5.04’ inch x 4.73 inch (16.3 cm x  12.8 cm x 12.0 cm) in size so it is not tiny and you can use it for small and large devices.

With the device itself you also get an extensive manual and separate power, USB and 3.5 mm audio jack and every one of them can be easily replaced because they plug in separately from the device. This dock uses 5 V input power and is in a grey color with a logo at its front and it looks quite stylish. The build quality is also reasonable as the device is made from plastic but the plastic seems like the type that is used in high end electronics and it has a metallic paint so the look and feel of this dock is amazing.

This Android dock also works with the iHome sleep application that I reviewed in the previous iHome docking station review so you can get up you alarms and other necessities easily and fluently.

At the bottom of the dock you get rubber feet to protect the fixture from sliding around but these rubber feet look quite cheap and I guess they would be the first thing that’s going to break but maybe I am wrong!

There is a smart slide feature that lets you put almost any android device as at the bottom of the dock the usb mini cable is fitted into an opening and can be slid to both sides and rotated for any connection socket. This USB cable is fitted under the device so it is not visible and you can completely change the cable so if anything happens to it this is a real advantage as usually devices have built in cables and connectors.

iC3 smart slide featureThere is also a switch that lets you change the device output amperage and this is necessary because not all smartphones and tablets use the same power input and some devices won’t charge on the default setting. You then need to remove the device, press the switch to the other direction and then plug your device back, this should allow it to charge now.

There is also an option that you can power this docking station from 4 included AA batteries but I need to say that they DO NOT charge the smartphone itself, only powers the speakers so that is a big drawback as I would like to charge my phone when the dock is not plugged in. But overall it is better to have at least these 4 batteries for the speakers than not having them at all.

iC3 with a normal sized smatphoneThe sound itself comes from 2 built in Reson8 speakers that give out quite a powerful sound that can compete with regular computer speakers at the same price as this dock and if I’m honest this sounds a bit better. The quality is good and the volume is also acceptable. There is however an annoying thing that this speaker dock has no volume buttons so you need to regulate the volume in your device and that can be a bit uncomfortable but you can use the docking stations power button as a mute because it still charges the phone just turns off the speakers.

However the sad part about this dock is that you need to connect an additional cable for audio output and that can be a bit messy as the wire that connect your phone to charge it is set under the fixture but this audio cable has to be connected at the top or sides so you will have to connect it first and then plug in the device. This is the major downswing of this docking station but besides this it is an amazing product.

Overall this is a nice small addition to your table or nightstand where you can conveniently put your android device and listen to music and charge it without plugging in any wires .

Erick Hodge

Erick Hodge

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