Philips Fidelio AS351 review

Overall Score:4.1
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Multiple device setup
  • Portable – runs on AA batteries
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Good sound quality for general
  • Bluetooth
  • Use any music app
  • Can charge two devices at the same time
  • Has got warranty
  • Sound quality lacks lows and highs
  • Phone charges only when station is plugged into power
  • Docking some devices might be difficult
  • No mute option
  • Fabric cover may get dirty fast
  • Unusable Fidelio app

Fidelio AS351 android speaker dock


This android docking station is manufactured by Philips company. Philips is well known for their wide range of technology products starting from smaller items like earphone and android accessories to music centers, tv, appliances and many more. Philips says that they are not just a company, but a brand. We can agree to that, because they have provided great quality products over very long period of time. Fidelio is Philips series of sound devices like docking stations, home cinema sounds and headphones. We will be looking at one of Philips Fidelio series android docking devices – AS351.



Philips Fidelio AS351 is the middle docking station from Fidelio series providing decent 10 watts of output power that is enough for everyday home usage and even for some smaller parties. This docking stations has got 2 built in speakers that produces clear and high quality sound. Dynamic bass boost feature also produces some deep tight bass.


  • Charging – Fidelio AS351 has got flexible dock phone connector that can turn all around and can be slided from left to right so that as many android devices as possible could connect to docks charger. In opposite of apple devices that uses almost the same connector for all of their devices, android phones has got micro usb ports in different locations of phone and their size and thickness also varies from phone to phone. Philips approach to this problem with adjustable usb connector actually is really clever and allows most of the android devices to be connected to docking station via micro usb port. Also there is another USB port for charging second mobile device at the back of docking station so you can charge your phone or two phones at the same time.
  • Audio streaming – Audio files from phone to dock are streamed with bluetooth technology. Your phone does not need to be connected physically to docking station, you can play music through your docking station while your mobile device and station is in accessible range for bluetooth to communicate.Other option to stream music to dock is by 3.5 mm AUX input. This also can be used with other devices that does not have bluetooth connection.


Device has got modern design with its black finish and sleek shape. It will look great in your any of your rooms. Fidelio docking station is easy to transport, it is really portable and you can take it anywhere you like to access good quality sound not only in your home.

Power connection and batteries

Most standard option is to power docking station through the AC cord. As this is most common option for any android docking station, Fidelio also offers to use it without direct power cord  supply. It can work with 4 AA rechargeable batteries that can produce up to 8 hours of music playback. This helps you to take the speaker with you and listen music for example outdoors.

Fidelio Application

Device includes free Fidelio app with SongBird function. You can sync your music libraries between phone and computer. App allows you to listen to over 7000 Internet stations, share media to social networks and includes many other features. One of which is alarm clock feature, which is common among other android docking stations.

Other specs

Docking stations size is 3.54(H) by 10.67(W) by 5.12(D) inches.

It supports devices with Android 2.1 and higher and Bluetooth 2.1 or higher.

Philips Fidelio AS351 comes together with docking speaker, AUX cable, start guide and user manual. This device also has got 1 year manufacturer warranty.

Philips Fidelio AS351 Advantages

  • Portable – runs on AA batteries and can be used in places without direct power cord.
  • Easy to setup and use – phone pairs quickly to device with bluetooth, setup can be done in just a few moments. Usage is really simple, just need to connect device to docking station with bluetooth, or place your device on docking connector to charge.
  • Good sound quality for general – sound quality is quite good for this price range, speakers are fairly loud too, overlay makes a good sound system in places without high end sound centers.
  • Bluetooth – you can be anywhere in your room to stream sound to the station from your phone, if device is paired to dock with bluetooth.
  • Use any music app – You can use your favorite music applications like Google music and audio player apps to stream music to docking station.
  • Can charge two devices at the same time.
  • Warranty – manufacturer is reliable and offers one year warranty for product.

Philips Fidelio AS351 Disadvantages

  • Sound quality lacks lows and highs – Sound quality is not the best compared to more expensive sound systems. Also  maximum volume is not recommended, because sound quality will decrease.
  • Phone charges only when station is plugged into power – Only charges phone when plugged in and not on batteries.
  • Docking some devices might be difficult – or when device is in case. Docking connector stretches when trying to connect phone. Some phones are difficult to set for charging and charging process can easily be stopped if phones gets moved or touched a bit.
  • No mute option.
  • Fabric cover may get dirty fast – Fabric cover collects dust and is hard to clean.
  • Unusable Fidelio app – Fidelio app has many faults and is not really needed for android device to work with docking station.


All in all, this android docking station is a good value for its price. Sound quality may not be the best in the market and fabric cover can get dirty quite fast, but overall this docking station does what its suppose to do – provides you with multifunctional docking station with much better sound quality and volume than your phones speakers. If you are looking for something that will entertain you while you are at home, office, backyard or anywhere else, and that will not cost you a lot of money, this android docking station will be one of the best option for you.

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