iHome iBN97GC Alarm clock dock

iHome iBN97GC side

iHome is one of the best know android docking station manufacturers, and this model just proves iHome brands quality. iHome iBN97GC is one of the best android alarm clock docks we have used and there are many reasons why. This android docking station has it all - it looks really good and feels quality, has got great sound quality in is packed with all sorts of useful features.


iHome iC16 – portable Android dock review

iHome iC16 side view

iHome iC16 is an Android docking station that is developed and manufactured by iHome and this is a docking station / speaker for Android phones. This docking station is actually one of the few models that is portable and can work on batteries but sady like all battery powered docking station it can’t charge your phone while running on battery power


iC3 Android speaker dock review

iC3 with a normal sized smatphone

This android universal docking station is an inexpensive device that lets you charge your phone and use these external speakers to listen to music or radio. This device has a half pyramid shape that is set to its side and the phone or tablet sits in an angle for better visibility and support. The device is 6.42 inch x 5.04’ inch x 4.73 inch (16.3 cm x 12.8 cm x 12.0 cm) in size so it is not tiny and you can use it for small and large devices.