iHome iBN97GC Alarm clock dock

iHome iBN97GC Alarm clock dock
Overall Score:4.6
Advantages Disadvantages
  • NFC and Bluetooth connections
  • Two quality built in speakers
  • Dual alarm clock feature with multiple customization options
  • Dimmable screen with 8 levels
  • Speakerphone feature
  • Lowest dimmable screen level is still a little bit too bright at night


iHome is one of the best known android docking station manufacturers, and this model just proves iHome brands quality. iHome iBN97GC is one of the best android alarm clock docks we have used and there are many reasons why. This android docking station has it all – it looks really good and feels quality, has got great sound quality and is packed with all sorts of useful features. It also works with practically any mobile phone, smartphone, tablet or mp3 player, as it supports Bluetooth and 3.5mm stereo jack for music streaming. It will also hold and charge any mobile device with USB cable.

iHome iBN97GC top


First of all, this is dock has got one of the required features of today’s docking station – NFC (near field communication). NFC technology allows you to pair your smartphone or tablet with docking station in seconds. No need for pairing through bluetooth, just place your smart device near the docking station and two devices will be instantly paired and you can stream sound from your mobile device to android alarm clock dock via bluetooth. No need for long waiting times, while pairing both devices with regular Bluetooth connection. Your mobile device needs to have built in NFC technology to be able to use this feature. If it does not support NFC, do not worry, because you can pair both device with regular Bluetooth connection. Bluetooth will allow to stream sound from practically any device that supports Bluetooth connection. And streamed sound quality is really good on this device, practically no losses in sound quality. Besides NFC and Bluetooth connection, iHome iBN97GC also supports regular 3.5mm stereo input. This will allow to play music from any device that has got AUX port, by connecting both device with 3.5mm jack. So you can connect your older mp3 and mp4 player to the alarm clock dock.

Alarm clock

What makes this dock superior to other android docking stations is its alarm clock features. This android alarm clock dock has some amazing features that makes waking up in the mornings pleasant again. Docking station allows you to wake up to your favorite sound tracks each morning, choosing wake up tone from your mobile device or using speaker docks built in FM radio. FM radio has got 6 programmable stations, so you can choose the best stations you like. Alarm clock dock also has got built in tones and a buzzer. iHome dock has got programmable snooze time, so you can set the snooze time when you like. Another feature is gradual wake and sleep function that slowly increases volume, when you wake up and slowly decreases volume, when you go to sleep. This is perfect for people, who do not like waking up to loud beeping noise in the morning, but want to wake up to soft and pleasant sound. One of the best part of iHome iBN97GC alarm clock is its Dual Alarm Clock feature. This allows you to set two separate alarm clocks, each customizable with different settings. A perfect feature for couples, who wakes up in different times, and do not want to wake up other person in the morning. Both alarm clock allows to set different radio station and volume. You can choose to wake up to your favorite radio station or favorite music tracks, while your partner can wake to his or hers favorite soundtracks or radio station and set the volume as they like. Dual alarm clock feature can be used to set different alarm clocks, for example, one for work days and another for weekends. Docking stations customization allows to adapt alarm clock to practically every situation.

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iHome iBN97GC alarm clock docking station has got display in front of the dock. Display has got good quality and it shows current time, connection type and if the alarm clock is set. It displays time with large numbers, so you can easily see the right time, when waking up at night. Display has got 8 dimmable levels and an option to fully turn it off at night. We have not found this feature in many android alarm clock docks, and it is really useful, if you do not want a heavy light to shine from docks display at night. However, the lowest dim level was still a bit bright in our opinion.

Charger and holder

You can charge your mobile device with USB charger, so you can use it with practically any Apple, Android, Nokia, Blackberry or other type of devices. iHome iBN97GC has got extractive holder on the top of the docking station. Holder will hold your smartphone or tablet steady on the docking station, while your device charges or streams music to android dock.

iHome iBN97GC back

Speakers and speakerphone

iHome iBN97GC has got two 2 inch built in speakers. Speakers has got good sound quality, with decent level of depth and power, so it can be used not just as alarm clock dock, but also as every day speaker dock for listening to your favorite sound tracks or radio station. iHome iBN97GC has got Reason8 speaker chambers that provides more richer and powerful sound. Another feature of this docking station is speakerphone. This android alarm clock dock has built in microphone with ATI SoundClear function that allows you to answer phone calls through the docking station. There is an answer button on the top of the dock, so you can answer phone calls even without touching your smartphone.

iHome iBN97GC tablet

Additional features

iHome iBN97GC docking station comes with a remote control, so you can control android alarm clock dock from a distance. You do not need to place docking station next to your bed to turn it off in the morning, because you can use remote control for this. iHome iBN97GC dimensions are 4.7” x 10.8” x 6.3” (11.9cm x 27.3cm x 15.0cm) and it weighs 2.85lbs (1.29 kg).


iHome iBN97GC has previously made some very popular android docking stations and this one is no exception. iHome grows with each of their models and learns from their previous model disadvantages. iHome iBN97GC is one of the best android alarm clock docks that you can use with practically any smartphone or tablet. It has got many useful alarm clock functions, good quality speakers, NFC for faster bluetooth pairing, speakerphone and many other features that makes this alarm clock dock a great choice for those wanting a quality alarm clock dock.

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