What is an android docking station?

What is a docking station

A docking station is a device that lets you put your smartphone, tablet or any other multimedia device on a platform, charge it and some of them allow audio and video streaming. There are different types of Android docking stations and each is made for different reason but a typical one is made to charge your phone and let you watch video, play audio or just set up your phone as a desktop clock. These regular docking stations are good but the real fun starts when you get a multimedia docking station that connect to your android device through bluetooth and lets you listen to music through the speakers built into the dock. This allows any android device user to freely and fastly listen to all of their music through a hands free set up that automatically synchronizes both the dock and your device. Some of these devices also has a built in alarm option so you can use your phone as a standard alarm clock with all of the loudness those speakers can put out.

Many of the new generation of android phones and tablets are built with a mini HDMI slot so the newest docking stations also allow users to connect the dock to any monitor or television and stream video from your phone directly and at the same time charging it.

Docks can also be put in cars where a docking station usually is built for hands free operation and easy to adjust angle so you can track your movement through GPS applications like WAZE.

Docking station usage

As you can imagine every type of docking station has its own usage and people buy them for different reasons but most of them have at least one thing in common – they are made for wide range of devices because Android is such a huge platform and making a device specifically for one phone would be madness.

As a charger – Most of these platforms are also chargers and will charge your android device through the mini USB connector. This is really convenient as you don’t need to mess with clumsy wires and can just put your phone or tablet in a dock and let it charge.

Some of the Dock that are available on the market are specially designed to only do this one thing and charge your phone while providing you with a very good angle in which you can view videos or just a slideshow of your favorite images.

In car – Car docking stations are usually made just to hold your phone in place but some of these new android docks have an additional slot that also let you charge the phone so again you don’t need to deal with those wires because you have already connected your dock to the USB connector and the only thing you need to do is place your device in the slot.

As a music station – Some of the Multimedia docking stations are specially designed to act like a music station with special Bluetooth connections made directly for streaming music. These devices usually also has software in them that enhances the music quality so you get the best sound quality from that weak Bluetooth connection.

As file transfer option – Docking stations typically also has the USB Out port that lets you connect that Android dock with your computer for easy file transfer and synchronization.

As a multimedia station – Dock that have HDMI and USB ports are made as a whole multimedia package because they will stream audio and also let you hook up a monitor or television to watch your favorite movie or video and also let you synchronize your data at the same time as the phone is charging its battery.

Music playback for easy falling asleep – The special alarm clock docking stations have timers that will turn of your music after a while so you can easily fall asleep listening to you most relaxing music and not worrying about who or when will turn of that music player.

Alarm clock – The same Alarm clock dock is made for easy and effortless connection so you can put your phone in the station and get the exact time and that sound enhancement so you won’t ever fall back asleep after hearing a quiet mobile phone ringtone.

So as you can see Android docking stations are amazing things that let you do various tasks and typically just makes your life easier in all those cases mentioned above.

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