EverDock Universal Charger Dock

Overall Score:4.5
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Excellent design
  • Well thought functionality
  • Easy to use, thanks to micro-suction technology
  • Works with practically any smartphone
  • Much more expensive than other charger docks
  • Smartphones with USB port on side may not sit steady into the docking station


EverDock is manufactured by FŪZ designs. FŪZ designs is quite new company that was found by two experienced engineer and marketing guys – David Gengler and Cameron Gibbs. Company manufactures three different docking stations – EverDock, EverDock Duo and EverDock Go. FŪZ designs put their EverDock concept product on KickStarter and raised over 450000 dollars for this project on 17 October, 2013. Their goal was 50000 and they went almost 10 times over that goal.


We have previously tested multiple android charger docks and had mixed reviews, some were quite good, others not so much. EverDock, without any doubt, is the most quality android charger dock you will find. And android dock is not the right term, as it will charge practically any device – from iPhone, to android smartphones, to other types of smartphones. This charging dock is a universal device. What makes this device universal is the possibility to change charging cable, from lighting connector to micro USB and others. This way you can charge practically any smartphone. However, this docking station may have problems with smartphones that have micro USB port upper or lower side of the phone. But if your smartphone has got micro USB port on top or bottom of the phone, like iPhone or Samsung smartphones, than you can use this charger dock without any doubts.

everdock side

Another feature that makes this docking station stand out of the rest is its micro-suction technology. This means that bottom of the dock will stick on any place you set it and will firmly stand there, even with a smartphone into the dock. This allows you to easily grab it with one hand, and you do not have to worry that docking station will get lift together with the phone. Instead, it will firmly stay attached to the surface you place it on. This is a major problem with other android charger docks, as they cannot keep phone in a steady and stable position. As charger docks are usually small and light, smartphone can easily fall over, when you touch it or want to take smartphone out of the dock. Well, this problem is solved by FŪZ design produced EverDock.

everdock android

Besides its intelligent functionality, this android docking station also looks superb. Made from quality aluminum material that has been specially processed, this docking station has got premium looks that will suit any of today’s smartphones. It will match any top smartphone with aluminum body like iPhone 5s or HTC One. EverDock can also be used with smartphones with cases. Charger dock has got convenient viewing angle of smartphone, while it sits into the docking station. You can watch movies or chat with your friends, while smartphone charges into the docking station. EverDock comes in 4 colors – silver, space gray, gold and black colors.

everdock colors


There are no doubts, why EverDock charger dock raised 10 times more money on KickStarter as their goal, because this is a perfect universal charging dock for your iPhone, android smartphone, Nokia, Blackberry or any other device. It has got quality feel, beautiful design and well thought functionality for a charger dock. Recommended for everyone that want the best quality android charger dock and do not mind spending a few more bucks for EverDock docking station.

Erick Hodge

Erick Hodge

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