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This year DockingStationHQ.com has partnered with Amazon and brings to you the best high end Android docking stations available on the market. We will examine each dock and give you a sortable table so you can compare all eight of these dock and see which one is the most suitable for your needs!

But why would you buy a docking station?
Android smartphones and smart devices are affordable, they have great features and they can be docked with the same USB Micro port. Android is the most used Mobile platform in the world and because of that there is a big market for Android accessories and a docking station is just that – an Android smartphone or Tablet accessory. Not many people have seen or used a docking station before, but when then they do see one of these things there is no turning back and they will quickly realize the potential and how great it is to dock your phone, charge it, listen to music and see some real time updates or get an alarm clock option from it.

(EDIT 2016: The table includes updated versions for multiple docks.)

Speaker Wattage
LG Electronics ND863080
Sherwood DS-N10a6
Hale Dreamer Alarm Clock10
Samsung DA-E67040
Samsung DA-E65140
Samsung DA-E750100
Grace Digital GDI-GSD820016
Philips Fidelio AS85130

LG Electronics ND8630 80W

ND8630 is one of the most technically advanced Android docking stations with features like Bluetooth ,Wifi connection, NFC tagging and a 360 degree speaker. Basically this is a standalone home audio system fitted in one device that also has the feature to dock Android and Apple products and listen to music through iOS 8 pin docking port, USB, MicroUSB, 3.5 mm audio Jack and wirelessly through Bluetooth and WiFi connections. What LG has done with this device is amazing because they have fitted all known connection options for you to enjoy your music from almost any device you can imagine starting from mobile phones and laptops and ending with home theaters and mp3 players. If we look at the dock from the design side it is also stunning how LG was able to create a speaker that creates sound in all 360 degrees around itself and you can basically put it at the center of any room and get a rich and deep sound! Apart from those music playback options you also get two docking ports for your Android or Apple smart devices at the top where you can charge and play music at the same time and because this docking speaker can play up to 80 Watt strong music you won’t need to worry about the loudness of it! Overall this is one kick-ass device that is a must have in anyone’s home.LG Electronics ND8630

Sherwood DS-N10a

DS-N10A Android docking station from Sherwood is one of the best looking docks on the market with those curved lines, circular design and great color options. This docking station has a 6 W two channel maximum sound output and that is not that much if we compare it to other high end docks but this particular model is designed to work great on your nightstand or work desk as a clock, alarm, radio and also a micro USB charging station. Basically you get all the features you would ever need in a docking station starting from USB ports to docking mechanism and AUX input connector. And apart from all those functions you also get a Bluetooth music playback function and a Great application to control all those functions while your phone is charging. Sherwood has also included a remote control that also allows you to control every aspect of this docks features and the best part is that you get a LED backlit display that tells you the current time and also gives you information about your alarm settings. Overall this docking station has a beautiful design and great features and will be a great addition to any Android smart device users home or office.Sherwood DS-N10a

Hale Dreamer Alarm Clock

Hale Dreamer Android alarm clock dock is a new kid on the block in the docking station community but despite that it may well be one of the best with that 10 W speaker and ingenious design powered by crowdfunding platform – KickStarter. This Hale Docking station is a piece of art and just for the form and design it should be awarded with a medal, but the Hale team did not stop there and basically they cramped in there as much features as it was technically possible and they also created an ingenious application that filters your calls and text messages. Basically this Dreamer Alarm dock is made for any Android smartphone with those 3.5mm audio and Micro USB cables that can be bent and twisted in the right direction to accommodate any phones size and shape. At the top you get physical snooze, smart silent and music playback button set but at the sides there are volume and brightness controls. I have no idea how the design team managed to put all those features in that small form factor but it all works brilliantly together and that customizable application is in a class of its own!Hale Dreamer Alarm Clock

Samsung DA-E670

DA-E570 is a docking station made by Samsung and it is made for both Apple and Android smartphones and overall it is a great looking device with 40 W of total power output and square shaped glared plastic design. Samsung has made this docking station a great addition to any home and environment because that sleek design will be able to fit in anywhere but those features will please any music enthusiast and Android smartphone user. What you get when you buy this dock is a 2.1 channel speaker station with two 40W clear sound speakers and a docking mechanism that allows you to plug older Apple 30 pin powered devices and Android Micro USB powered smartphones and tablets. At the top of this dock there is a volume up and down buttons as well as play / pause and connection button that allows you to wirelessly connect your phone with this dock. There is however a 3.5 mm auxiliary port at the back of the device for devices without Bluetooth capabilities and the device is powered by a 12V 2A power adapter. Overall this DA-E75 is a great android music dock!Samsung DA-E570

Samsung DA-E651

The last contender in our holiday season docking station comparison is the Samsung DA-E651 Android / Apple product docking station that has a 40 W power output and and a stylish horm-like design with loudspeakers at both ends of that tubular shape. DA-E651 is one of Samsungs best looking devices that is capable of playing music from Android devices as well as any other device with Bluetooth or 3.5 mm Auxiliary port. When you power on this dock and start playing music you will instantly hear that crisp and clear sound that those high end speakers are producing and when a deeper sound comes along that built in subwoofer will allow you to hear that rich and crisp lower tones with no problems. At the front of this dock you get a cleverly designed docking mechanism that can be hidden from view if you want to play music through any other connection. What is unique to this particular model is the ability to play music directly from a USB flash or other device that has no built in music player and that can be a big plus if you want to listen to your favorite music all day and don’t want to connect your phone or other music players. The design as I mentioned earlier is amazing and I think this dock can be placed in any room and it will still look good. That shape will most certainly attract attention from your guests and sound quality and power will be easily noticeable!Samsung DA-E651

Samsung DA-E750

DA-E750 is the bigger brother of that DA-E75 model and this is a more mature and more feature packed docking station with 10 times more power output (100W) and a much better looking design. This may just be the most powerful Android compatible docking station with two 20W speakers and a 60W Subwoofer that all are powered by a vacuum tube amplifier and crystal amplifier and also has a bass boost feature. This docking station allows you to connect almost any music playing device through a multitude of connections like WiFi, bluetooth, regular LAN port and 3.5 mm AUX port. But because this is a docking station for smart devices there are also Apple and Android docking ports located at the back of this device and because of them you can enjoy music playback and at the same time charge your portable smart device. Overall this high end Android docking station has one of the best retro / modern designs with a lot of connection options and a whopping 100W power output that will turn your room into a real party house. I would advise this dock to people with a taste for great sound quality and design as the sound quality is really, really great and I can assure you that anyone with a sense of great design will love this docking station.Samsung DA-E750

Grace Digital GDI-GSD8200

Gdock or GDI-GSD8200 from Grace Digital is another feature packed Android docking station with beautiful but simple design and great overall look and feel. This is one of those standalone speaker / dock devices that allow you to play music through the docking mechanism and also to plug in a 3.5 mm AUX cable and because there are built in battery slots you can even listen to music while the dock itself is not plugged in. This docking station is specially designed for Samsung Galaxy line smartphones but because all Android devices use the same charging port you can dock any Android device and still get the benefits of loud music playback and convenient charging. The total sound output is 16 W and that is achieved from 3 standalone speakers that are built in that small and compact design. You also get changeable cradles for your phone and a conveniently located buttons for you to use all those music playback and docking features. Because the phone is sitting right in front of this dock you don’t need any built in screens and you can just put a clock docking application on your smartphone. Overall this is a great little device and that elegant design will allow you to place this Android dock in almost any environment.Grace Digital GDI-GSD8200

Philips Fidelio AS851/37

AS851/37 is one of philips FIdelio line docking stations and to be more precise it is the most feature packed and the best in that Fidelio line of Android compatible speaker docks. Fidelio AS 8351 has a nice 30 W total sound output and that is more than enough to fill up a medium sized room or play sound throughout your house. This model is the only one in Philips docking station line that has a digital sound processing and a 5 band equalizer. Apart from these two stunning features this dock also has deep bass pipes that are tuned to produce rich and deep sound and will make every song and soundtrack feel strong and fulfilling. Apart from those music playing features this dock has that super flexible docking mechanism that is specially designed for Android smartphones and you will be able to dock almost all smartphones with MicroUSB connector. This docking station also has a bluetooth music playing capabilities and 3.5 AUX input , but the best part is a secondary USB port that allows you to charge your second Android device or other USB powered devices. The dock itself has great design with black finish and curved lines , there is also a cool free application that come with this Philips speaker dock  and it also includes that Songbird music function so you will be able to sync your PC and Android smart device.

Philips Fidelio AS851

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