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SamsungSamsung is a world known company that produces everything from electronic to ships and also is part of the construction, insurance and many other industries. Samsung is the largest organisation is South Korea with revenues surpassing 17% of the country’s total export revenues and the subsequent Samsung groups are amongst the biggest businesses in almost all the biggest moneymaking spheres in the world. If we talk more about the electronics subdivision than this is the worlds largest information technology company comparing the revenues in 2012 and they make everything starting from computers to music players and yes, they do indeed make phones and docking station for them. Samsung Galaxy smartphones are so popular that many manufacturers are starting to make accessories just for these products and Samsung itself also makes docking station specially designed for their phones but also creates docks that can be used with all Android smartphones. Samsung has a wide range of docking stations starting from small charging docks to ultimate music playback stations that also have capabilities to charge and play music from Android powered devices. Samsungs docking stations always have great design and amazing technologies as well as great build quality and they always strive to innovate and make new and improved versions. I think that the Samsung brand itself makes a great quality assurance as no company can get that big with mediocre products!


philipsPhilips is another world known brand that makes product starting from lights to consumer good and even healthcare products and this is a Dutch based company with total assets measured in almost 30 billion Euros. Philips ir well known for their music playing devices as well as other consumer electronics but despite the fact that they also make mobile phones their phone line is not widely known. But what philips does great is to make Android docking stations that fit all android devices and they’re Fidelio line docks include 4 distinct models ranging from a smaller cheaper model to high class high power output bluetooth docks. Philips is over a century old and the whole time while this company is making electronics it has demonstrated their passion for music playing devices as one of their first products was a radio, and in their docking stations they have incorporated their love for good quality music and great craftsmanship. All four of these docks has the best ratings and are widely accepted amongst Android smartphone users as one of the top docks on the market. Philips has also marketed their docks as premium products that have great music quality and they are not lying because you can really hear that rich and crisp sound as soon as you press play on their docking stations.


RCARadio Corporation of America was an electronics manufacturer for more than 50 years till it collapsed in 1986, but now this companies trademark is holded by SONY music entertainment and Technicolor, but they license this name to other smaller companies and that means RCA products can come from different manufacturers. But it is not that bad because to get a RCA brand on your device you need to have a great quality product that is tested and passed all the tests because a mediocre product could ruin the whole brand and I doubt that SONY or Technicolor would want that. At the moment the RCA brand family has multiple docking stations ranging from iPhone to Android devices and even regular clock speakers with built in USB charger and a 3.5 mm AUX line in plug for music playback. RCA does not distinctly label their devices as being made for Android but they do support USB charging and that is basically what an Android docking station is – it needs to charge you prone and also be able to play the music from it. RCA brand is well known and their products are usually greatly accepted as being the industry leaders and so are their docking station. They have great build quality, great features and unique designs that lets them jump out of the crowd and penetrate this docking station market.


iLuvILuv is a new and cutting edge company that is actually a subdivision of Harvard International Ltd that is an electronics manufacturer big ambitions and great goals. iLuv is their subdivision that makes smart device accessories ranging from cases to cables and even earphones and music playing devices. And yes – this company also makes docking station for Apple and Android phones and what sets them apart from other similar companies is their pace of innovation as they create new products what seems every month and they are always better and more useful to their customers! iLuv Android docking station line is unique with beautiful and elegant designs that combines the newest technological breakthroughs with in-house built devices and the end result is beautiful devices for any Android smartphone user. This company is new but their ambitions proceed them and looking at their devices it looks like something a company like Samsung or other industry leaders should have thought about and it is no coincidence that their Docking stations has great reviews and are pleasing customers all over the world. iLuv designs , manufactures and test all their docks in house in one of their manufacturing facilities on the US (New York, Los Angeles) or outside US (China, South Korea) and ship them all over the world.


SinjimoruSinjimoru is a South Korea based company that was established in 2008 and is a creator of various different mobile phone and tablet computer accessories. Their products range from pouch cases for credit cards to iDec car docks and a home desk dock called the sync stand. Their products are created with usability in mind but they also exhibit great design and build quality. Sinjimoru does not make real Android docking stations and they actually make smartphone stands called charger stands where you put your phone in an upright position and set it up that your smartphones charging cable goes through the dock itself. Their charger docks range from simple plastic stands to aluminum stands and even car charging mechanisms for Apple and Android devices. Their design is great and usable and if you only need a stand not a full fledged docking station then there will be perfect for you.


iottieiOttie is another technology startup that was founded in 2010 and this company specializes in smartphone protection cases as well as cradles and stands made for Apple and Android powered devices. Their products range from simple phone skin to smartphone case and what is in our interests is their stand and cradle line of products. This company specializes more in the Apple product line of devices but they also has one car mount for Samsung Galaxy line phones and that is basically an easy to use plastic cradle that can be mounted on your cars front windshield and shows you the navigation or other real time updates with your own charging cable that is not included into the package. It is a shame that they do not make cradles for all Android smartphones but maybe in the future as Android devices become even more popular they will realise this!


ipegaIPEGA is another technology and accessory manufacturer that creates accessories for many different brands and has partnered with world known companies like Wal-Mart and Philips to manufacture their accessories. This company has a massive manufacturing facility in Shenzhen China and a big office in Hong Kong and they employ close to two thousand workers in their manufacturing facilities and offices. They primarily make iPhone and iPad accessories but their product lines also extend into Android accessory line or rather they make products that support both Android and Apple devices. IPEGA does not make devices specially designed for Android operating system but they have created various docking stations with USB port that can act as a charging station for your Android smartphone or tablet and their products usually also have built in Auxiliary 3.5 mm plugs for you to play music through their docking station built in speakers. This company has great build quality and their products have great technical features but they lack that designers touch and that can be a problem for some potential buyers.


DOKDOK is a technology company that specializes exactly at docking station manufacturing and they maney docks for Android and Apple products. Their office is located in the US – Gooden Crossing Largo, Florida. Their products are created with great design in mind and DOK ensures that their build quality is great and they’re products are usually made to be universal and work with various different manufacturer smartphones, tablets and also music players like Mp3 and Mp4. They have at least 10 different design docks and all their products are shipped worldwide with great customer satisfaction in mind. These docking station that they make are usually capable of charging up to 3 devices and also have built in speakers for music playback and great sound quality.


Hale logoHale devices Inc is a brand new company that was created by the same people that made Sonr Labs and they are continuing the same thing they did with the previous company – designing and manufacturing docking stations for Android smartphones. This new company was founded in 2011 with a goal in mind to build the best and most useful Android alarm clock dock and after some financial troubles they put their project in the Kickstarter campaign and raised more than 36 thousand US dollars for the development and manufacturing of their new docking station. This Hale team is composed of great people that are leaders in their speciality and they together make the team that designed and released their newest docking station the HALE Dreamer alarm clock for Android. They also has one more product from their previous Sonr Labs times called the Speaker Dock and both they are on of the best products in their categories. This company is specially created to make Android docking station not some docks for Apple and that is a great thing because they can explore all the features that Android user wants and need and develop devices that are usable, with great design and maximum functionality crammed into the most minimal space possible.


DreamGear LogoDreamGear or their iSound brand is a company that is created to make video game console accessories as well as Mp3/Mp4 and smartphone accessories and since the creation in 2002 they are one of the fastest growing company in their industry recognised by numerous online and offline magazines as one of the fastest growing companies in the US. This company has great manufacturing and design facilities and they have the most extensive video game accessory lines but recently they have been experimenting with smartphone accessory lines including universal docking stations made to fit Apple and Android smartphones. iSound product product team has not yet fully realized the Android docking station market and an universal device is not what we as Android users want but they have been creating car mounts and other accessories for Android devices so I guess we will soon see some docking stations that are designed for this market. But in the meantime we can use their universal devices that have great design, amazing build quality and great functionality.

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