Soundfreaq Sound Rise SFQ-0 wireless speaker dock review

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Overall Score:4.5
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Bluetooth music transfer
  • Amazing design
  • 13 W power output
  • Works with Android and Apple devices.
  • Made from plastic
  • Is a bit pricey


Soundfreaq is a company that designs and manufactures sound devices and is a trademark of Twine International. This company was established in 2009 and has a smalls staff that specializes in designing and creating the best music products including alarm clocks and docking stations.


Soundfreaq Rise SFQ-05 is an alarm clock and a speaker dock combined into one convenient device that also acts as a docking station for Android and Apple devices. Soundfreaq has created this docking station with touch sensitive backlit buttons, a big LCD screen for time telling and 13 W of sound output.


Sound Rise  SFQ-05 horizontal vertical

This Rise clock-dock has the dimensions of 5.9 inches x 8.1 inches x 5.6 inches (15 mm x 205 mm x 143 mm ) and it is made mainly from plastic that makes it a very lightweight device that can be easily maneuvered around your house. This docking station consists of 4 distinct blocks where the largest one is at the top and where the next is always smaller than the previous one. 3 out of these 4 blocks are finished with perforated speaker cover cloth but the last one is made entirely from glanced plastic to accommodate that LCD screen and all the control buttons at the front. The whole fixture sits on a flat bed wide edged structure that has 4 rubberized feet to hold it in place. This bottom part has an extended front where there is a lightning connector and a docking bed for Android smart phones. This holder plate also has a bottom grey line that spans the whole structure giving the whole device a great feel and look. Overall this Soundfreaq docking station has a very great look and will be great for any environment as it can be mounted on any desk or bedside counter and will looks great in all those spots.

Those clock numbers look bin enough to be seen across the room but also will not be too bright or big for when you need to only look at the time from a close distance. The overall forms are not curved but rather sharp and pointy but the black color makes this one of the prettiest Android docking stations on the market.


Sound Rise  SFQ-05 buttonsFunctionality wise as I mentioned earlier this docking station is an alarm clock as well as Smartphone charger and stand but can also act as a wireless Bluetooth speaker and also has a built in FM radio receiver.  As the sound goes this docking station is fitted with two outward firing speakers that have a combined power output of 13 Watts and a 2.1 speaker configuration. These speakers are full range drivers and that means they will be able to provide sound ranging from high to low and this will give a fulfilling rich sound to his device.  This dock is also fitted with Tone control options that allow you to adjust the sound to warm, neutral or bright and these setting change the tone output as well as pitch and create great settings that you can change during the day for more uplifting or calming music.

As the connectivity goes this dock is full of useful connections like Bluetooth A2DP wireless music transfer connection, Apple 30 pin connector for Apple devices as well as an USB charging port for Android devices. This dock also has a 3.5 mm AUX line-in jack and it can also catch FM radio signals without any additional antennas or other devices.

At the front where the clock display is located there are also touch sensitive buttons that allow you to control volume, radio frequencies, time settings and also the wake-up alarm that can be configured to work with your Bluetooth device or without it. A great feature is that this docking station has two alarm options and also an adjustable snooze time settings. But if we talk about the snooze function then you need to know that this button is located at the bottom in front of your Smartphone for easy access because it spans almost the whole width of this device. Going back to that clock display it also has several illuminating levels ranging from completely dark to very bright and that is a great advantage!

sfq05 on a nightstandIf you want to charge your Apple device then you will be able to do that with the 30 pin charger port that is built into the structure but if you need to charge and dock and Android Smartphone then you need to attach the charging cable at the back where the USB connector port is located. This port can give out a maximum of 2.5 Volts of power so it should be able to charge up almost all smartphones and tablets.

Of course there is also a port where the power adapter goes in but in case of a power outage there is also a battery back-up that will keep the time setting so you are not late for work or other morning appointments.


Overall this is one of the best looking Charging / Docking stations for Android and Apple smartphones that your money can buy and it also has some great functionality like Bluetooth audio streaming and alarm clock. I can advise anyone who needs a great charger for their night stand to consider this dock!

Erick Hodge

Erick Hodge

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