Sinjimoru Sync Charge Dock review

Overall Score:4.0
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Simple and elegant design;
  • Good viewing angle for watching videos;
  • Adjustable micro USB plug 360 degrees to fit other android devices;
  • Stable as a stand when phone is not being moved;
  • Phones with case can fit in, although some cases are too thick to be used with this stand;
  • Looks good with many phones.
  • No DC cable;
  • Phone does not feel stable in dock if being used and pressed.
  • May not be able to connect phones with more thicker cases;
  • Is little too expensive than it should be, considering small amount of features it has.

Sinjimoru sync charger dock stand


Sinjimoru is a South Korean company that makes different accessories for mobile devices like phones and tablets. Most of their accessories are made for iPhone, iPad and Samsung Galaxy series smartphones, but they also are compatible with other android devices. Their products are pouches, tablet cushions, cases, docks and stands. Their products are stylish with good quality and design.


Sinjimoru sync dock is a smartphone stand. It is made for Samsung Galaxy series android smartphones S2, S3, S4. But it can be used for basically any android device, that has a micro USB socket on center of phone on sides, or on center on top or bottom (like Google Nexus S, Nexus 4 etc). Sinjimoru sync dock has got MicroUSB cable and you can connect you device to computer for sync and charging options. This dock is basically made to rest your phone, when it sync or charges from your computer. Also you can connect your device with case on, which is not possible on many other android docking stations. Dock supports devices in landscape or portrait positions. Design for this device is very smooth, colorful and stylish. Sinjimoru sync is available in 7 colors – Ocean blue, Light pink, Vivid pink, White, Black, Yellow green and Navy. The great variety of colors will suite any smartphone or its case color and will look good in any room or desk you put it on. It is small and lightweight and can be transported easily. MicroUSB sync and charge cable is included with the dock.


This Sinjimoru Sync charge dock/stand is good and small dock for your android device. It can be used with most Samsung phones or other phones with micro USB port in the middle of phones sides or phones top, or bottom. It certainly looks good with its stylish design and many color options available. Dock performs all of its jobs without problems – charges your phone, sync your phone with computer and holds it on stand (when not being operated). There are, however, some disadvantages for this android dock that can be a dealbreaker for some. So at the end, this is a good looking, well designed android phone holder, and even with its little too high price and some disadvantages, will do its job with no problems.

Erick Hodge

Erick Hodge

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