Samsung Note 2 spare battery charger review

Overall Score:3.5
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Made by Samsung
  • Spare battery included in the purchase
  • Stylish design
  • can be used as a phone stand
  • No multifunctionality
  • Works only with Note 2 battery
  • Has no charging port for your phone

Big screen smartphones have become a big part of our everyday routine and many of us have to at least once find the closest electricity outlet to charge that almost drained battery. With screen exceeding 4 and 5 inches our smartphone built in batteries can’t last as long as they could when mobile phones had small screens and a bunch of buttons.

This is why many of us get that battery anxiety that makes us look at that power level all the time and it gets so annoying if you are watching a movie or surfing the net. I myself check that battery level multiple times while watching the latest tv-series in some waiting room or just browsing the web and it get so distracting when you see that you just lost another procent of your charge!

front view Note 2 spare battery charger back view

Luckily for us Samsung Note 2 users Samsung has come up with a clever little device that can get rid of this capacity issue and it is a spare battery charger / phone stand. This little black device holds your Note 2 battery in place and if you plug it into the electricity outlet it starts charging it. Basically this is a spare-battery protective case that also allows you to fill that battery with electricity and when you need it just change your drained phone battery with that fully recharged one and go on doing what you like.
This stylish glossed device is easy to use and you just need to pop that battery in place, close the lid and plug this battery stand to a power source via the included micro USB connector. It is just so much better to do this than charge one battery with your phone and then take it out and put another one in to again charge it. Basically you can charge two batteries at once if you have limited time and this can give you that battery time that you really need!

front view Note 2 spare battery charger front viewApart from being a great tool for charging that spare battery this device also acts as a stand for you to put your phone. If you are traveling and want to watch some videos you can just take this stand out of your bag, stand it on the nearest desk and put your phone in. This way you can enjoy whatever you want to watch without holding your device all the time and as a benefit you get that spare battery inside if you run out of juice.
This dock has a rubberized underside legs to hold it in place easily and not let it slip on a moving or inclined surface and it will also hold on those notoriously slippery glass tables!

Overall this is a great little device and you get that spare battery (3100mAh) included in the purchase but for my taste I would have added other features to make it truly multifunctional and useful:

  • It would need a phone docking port aswell , so you could charge your phone and that spare battery at the same time.

  • The battery inside the compartment could also power the phone from that USB port so you don’t need to exchange them and that would give an additional power source without the need to pop open your phones case.

  • This charger dock could also be multifunctional so you would be able to charge different batteries not just one model but I guess they are all so different that it would be hard to make a device that could recharge all of them.

  • And finally the best feature would be the one if that battery would power your phone through a charging dock port. Basically it would mean that Samsung should incorporate the first and second of my proposed features and combine them. It would be amazing to just take out this dock and set your phone in that dock to watch a movie and also get to recharge your battery from that spare one without exchanging them or plugging the device in.

Overall I really like this Note 2 Android phone spare battery charger and it is a really great device to have if you use your phone a lot and don’t get the chance to recharge it properly.

Erick Hodge

Erick Hodge

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