Samsung DA-E750 music dock

Overall Score:4.0
Advantages Disadvantages
  • compatible with both Android and Apple devices
  • outstanding sound quality
  • great bass from built-in woofer
  • beautiful and classy design
  • lots of connection options
  • built in WiFi, so you can sync music from any device with WiFi connection
  • bluetooth 3.0
  • The most pricey android dock we have tested
  • Input menu is on top of the dock, so you cannot see it, unless you are looking from top of the dock


DA-E750 music dock is manufactured by Samsung. Samsung is well known all sorts of electronic device manufacturer that offers top quality with their products. Samsung is also one of the most popular android docking station manufacturers. Its DA series android speaker docks are really popular among the users and are considered to be the high end android docking stations with beautiful looks and premium sound quality.


Samsung_DA-E750The Samsung wireless android audio dock DA-E750 is the top quality android docking station from Samsung. It has many great features that stands it out from all the rest manufacturer docks. It is also one of the few android speaker docks that offers real sub-woofer for bass, and the sound quality for this dock is really clear, powerful and loud.

One of the great features this docking station offers is built in Vacuum tube amp that helps to produce warmer sound that are more richer and audio will certainly sound more natural and as close to real life as it can get. We really enjoyed the sound quality of this docking station, as it is close to top quality sounds systems.

Other feature this docking station offers is dual docking system. This means that you can connect both Android devices and Apple devices like iPhone, iPod and others to this docking station. Also in Google play store you can find Samsung wireless audio dock app for your Samsung Galaxy devices.

Another great thing that stands out for this android dock is AllShare and Airplay features that allows you to sync, play or share your music from any Android or Apple device with docking station from anywhere in your home with the built in WiFi connection. Other docking stations do not offer WiFi connection for their docks, so this is certainly another plus for the DA-E750 dock.

samsung da-e750 android docking stationIf you use Bluetooth connection to stream music from your smart device to docking station then you will enjoy that DA-E750 provides Bluetooth 3.0 technology with apt-X codec. Bluetooth 3.0 is faster than older bluetooth technologies and this means that music from your device to docking station will transfer without sound quality loses and you will enjoy your favorite music with original sound quality.

Apart from the impressive technical specs and sound quality this docking station also has got really beautiful and classy design. You can tell just by looking at this dock that it is premium quality sound station from top quality docking station manufacturer. It will look great anywhere you put it, from bedroom stand to living room and guest room or any other place at your house.


Samsung DA-E750 android music dock has got 2.1 channel and 100W sound output power. There are two main speakers, each with 20W and built in woofer. These specs are the best you can get from android docking station. Power bass feature, vacuum tube amp and crystal amp makes the sound quality from this dock even more enjoyable. This docking station is compatible with Android and Apple devices and also can connect different mp3 players and other devices with AUX cable. It also has multiple connection options like Bluetooth 3.0 (and Bluetooth 2.0), USB Host, Micro USB, AirPlay and AirShare with built in WiFi, AUX input. The weight of this docking station is 8.6 kg. It also comes with remote controller so you can control the docking station from distance, and with power and analog audio cable.


If you want to listen to the best sound quality you can get from docking station, this Samsung DA-E750 music dock will certainly be the best choice for you. It is miles ahead in sound quality to other android docks we have tested. It looks good, sounds good (maybe even better than BOSE sound systems), has many connection options including WiFi, so you can sync music from almost any device to Samsung DA-E750 docking station. If the price is acceptable for your, than we are recommending this music dock as the top docking station you can buy.

Erick Hodge

Erick Hodge

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