Samsung DA-E651

Overall Score:4.5
Advantages Disadvantages
  • 40W power output
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Supports Android and Apple products
  • Amazing design
  • Built in subwoofer
  • Can be hard to sync Android devices
  • Is made from fingerprint-magnet plastic
  • The price is a bit too steep


We all know Samsung as a company and we know how good their products are so you can thing this dock is a great samsung product and This time the company has done a phenomenal job designing and implementing this idea.


This DA-E651 docking station speaker dock is a real piece of art and just by looking at it you can see that Samsung engineers and designers have worked together to form a real consumer product that looks great but also has great functionality and ease of use.
This docking station basically has a horn-like form with a black plastic case that is glared and reflects light beautifully. Basically looking at the dock if you don’t know that it is actually a docking station you could confuse it with an art object or a really expensive speaker system. At both those tubular shape ends you get a 10W built in speaker that directs sound outwards fulfilling the room around your house with rich and powerful soundwaves. Those speakers are made with black and grey colors but they have a shiny design feature in the middle and it looks great but technically it does nothing. The speakers themselves however technically are the state of the art and are one of the most high tech speaker you can find that has great sound quality excellent volume and a crisp and modern sound that will allow you to enjoy music starting from classical and ending with rock and Metal. Apart from those two speakers there is also a subwoofer built at the back of this device that will greatly boost the deep and rich sound that is also known as BASS and because of this the overall sound will be greatly improved. No One like that high pinch overpowered sound of a small loudspeaker that is pushed to its limit and that is why this Samsung docking station has these three loudspeakers where two are regular and one is the sub-woofer.

Samsung DA-E651At the front of this docking station you get a hideable docking mechanism that when not in use is completely hidden from the sight again improving the visual and aesthetic appeal of the whole device. But when that mechanism is lowered you get two docking ports for Apple and Android devices that can be plugged in for charging or music playback. You can even plug in both devices at the same time but if your Apple device is larger than your Android then it would be hard to take off your Android phone and that Apple product be in the way. But for one device charging the mechanism is great because the docking port itself is movable and is fairly flexible where you can move your smart device around and no harm will be done to that socket. As you plug in your phone or tablet it will automatically start charging and you will have the option to also sync it with the dock with an added application and bluetooth or just through that charging port.

The dock itself is equipped with bluetooth, USB connections and also has an AUX 3.5mm audio socket for you to play music playing gadgets with no bluetooth connection. These connections come in handy in a party where everybody can change the song by just synchronizing his phone with this dock. At the back you also get a power adapter socket that draws about 0.22 Watts so it won’t really be noticeable on your electricity bill even if the music is played 24/7.

Overall I think Samsung has done a great job designing and building this device but you can have some problems connecting Android devices as well as the price could be bit lower, but apart from those drawbacks this dock is ideal!

Erick Hodge

Erick Hodge

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