RCA RCD215 Multifunctional dock review

Overall Score:4.3
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Adjustable LCD display brightness
  • Dual alarm, snooze options
  • Multifunctional design
  • Amazing design
  • You can use alarm without Phone
  • Adjustable volume
  • No connection between clock and smart device
  • No battery backup

RCD215 front viewRCD215 from RCA(Radio corporation of America) is a multi functional docking station for smartphones and tablets as well as e-readers. This stylish device is made to hold smart devices for video viewing and also charge them but it also acts as dual mode alarm clock as well and shows you the clock at that front facing big LCD display that also has an adjustable brightness level. The fact that the clock is not linked with your smart device is not really a problem because you can set it off quite easily with those elegant side facing buttons and sometimes you don’t need to dock your smartphone and to be able to use that clock without your phone can be handy!

RCD215 back

At the back of the device there is an USB port where you plug in your charging cable and run it through the dock so you can charge your phone while it is laying in that docking bed. This simple but elegant design allows you to use this dock for almost any smart device that has a USB charging cable and it doesn’t limit that functionality only to Apple products or Android devices. This USB charging mechanism also allows you to pull that cable further and does not limit the charging to when the phone stands in place and that makes it even more multifunctional. At the back you also get a switch to set either of those two alarm clock options and a power plug where you put that 5V power cord that is also included in the package.
Looking at this phone-stand from the front you can immediately see that large LCD display and at both sides of that display there are both alarm settings. At the sides of this dock you get buttons for clock setting, volume adjustments and also a button to completely turn it off. Apart from these setting buttons you get a Large Snooze button at the top of the front compartment and it also works for both alarms and they can be snoozed independently.

RCD215 with docked phoneOn this dock you can basically stand any smartphone or tablet and because the angle of that back holder stand is designed to be ergonomical you will have no trouble using your phone while it is docked and because the dock weighs only about 1 pound and has the dimensions of 4.3 inches x 3.6 inches x 3.9 inches (11 cm x 9 cm x 10 cm) it is quite compact and won’t take a lot of space on your desk or nightstand. And another great feature are those bottom rubberized feet that allows the dock not to slide on your desk and stray safely in place!

The overall look and design is amazing and I think this is one of the best looking Android docking stations that will fit in anywhere with those curved shapes and that black glossy finish. The build quality looks great and you should not experience any troubles because RCA company promises a one year limited warranty.

Erick Hodge

Erick Hodge

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