RCA RC117V universal two smart device dock review

Overall Score:4.0
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Easy to use cable storage spools beneath the device holder tray.
  • Snooze and graduwake modes.
  • Two USB charger ports.
  • Very small buttons except the SNOOZE one.
  • Not a great looking design that is made from plastic.
  • No backlight on the buttons and you will have trouble pressing anyone of them at night.
  • No cables are included and you will need to purchase second pair or use your devices primary cable.
  • No battery backup so you can very easily over snooze if the power goes out.
  • The snooze is pre-set to 9 minutes and you cannot change the timing
  • The GradueWake feature doesn’t work in the radio mode.


the RCA or Radio Corporation of America is one of the oldest and most trusted radio and communication brands in America and the world. This company was created at the beginning of the 20th century and was fueled by innovation and hard work. This all lead to a corporation that creates amazing products with superb quality!


This multi device docking station is basically an alarm clock and radio with a built in feature of two USB charging ports and an AUX port for audio intake. Many people find this device quite useful because it can charge two devices at once and the surface where those devices sit is quite large so it easily fits two android phones or a tablet computer.

The overall look and design of this docking station is nothing fancy but it is built to work properly and effectively with any device that has an USB charger that also includes Ipad and Iphone because this device has a built in Amperage output changer that automatically adjust the output Amperes to the level your device needs. There are two USB ports that can support any of you devices but you will need to have your own cables but the good part is that those cables can be easily managed under the main holder tray in two spooles. Basically you take those two cables and spool them up and let the charging ends slide out at the back end at the right distance to easily charge your phone but not be too long and clumsy.

This docking station has a built in radio function that has a very good detection zone and the sound quality is also quite good. Of course you can’t expect nothing too fancy from a small device like this but for a background music or sleeping music those little loudspeakers work perfectly.

The device itself has 12,3/4 inch length  , 4 inch height and  8,3/4 inch width (30.48 cm x 10.16 cm x 20.32 cm) and a total mass of  1162 grams. As you can see from these specifications it is not a big device but is sufficient enough to hold your smart devices and charge them.

But charging them is not the only feature this docking station can perform and it also has an AUX port that allows you to plug your device and listen to the music through those docking station loudspeakers that will definitely be better than the regular phone speakers.

This RCA dock has also the clock and an alarm clock function with snooze and easy wake options that let you take a couple of minutes longer to sleep and wakes you up slowly not scaring you!

This RC 117V model also has a 1.4 inch LCD display that has three brightness settings ranging from a too bright one to dimm one and the third one is completely off so people with sleeping trouble will find this dock annoying and turning completely off the light will again be pointless because you won’t be able to see the time.

RVA dock top view

Final thoughts

This universal two USB charger docking station is capable of charging almost any device and with the radio and alarm clock options it works perfectly on any nightstand. Despite those disadvantages I think this device is a great value for money and anyone with multiple smart devices will benefit from an universal dock that will charge all of them!


Erick Hodge

Erick Hodge

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