Philips AS130 Android docking station

Philips AS130
Overall Score:4.5
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Beautiful styling
  • Metal top panel
  • Bluetooth and 3.5 mm AUX connections
  • FlexiDock mounting mechanism
  • Price is a bit higher than similar docking stations


(Philips AS130 Docking station is currently unavailable to purchase on amazon.com. We will certainly inform everyone, when this Android dock will be available.)

Philips AS130 Speaker docking station is a great little device that allows you to charge up your Android Smartphone but at the same time listen to music through that external loudspeaker and view your phone at an ergonomic viewing angle.

Philips AS130 with Android smartphoneAS130 is one of the few Android docking stations that are completely new and this model was just introduced only this year but it is already starting to climb up the ladder and becoming one of the top small to medium sized speaker docks. This model has a really sleek design, great sound and a great docking port that allows you to mount any Android Smartphone as well as any other Smartphone that has a micro USB charging port and can stream music through Bluetooth or 3.5mm AUX jack. This is one of the first docking stations from Philips since their Fidelio line docks and that means Philips has taken everything that they learned about this market from those devices and incorporated that in this small but powerful dock that will be a great addition to anyone’s bedside counter or work desk.

If we closer examine this dock then we can see that it has the dimensions of 8.6 inches x 4.5 inches x 6.1 inches (219 mm x 116 mm x 156 mm) so it is not a big device and will probably fit even the smallest of bedside counters or work desks not to mention any real desk or anywhere else you want to charge up your Android Smartphone. This docking station has a very beautiful design and styling that will work great in almost any environment as it is primarily made from black color plastic casing but at the top and bottom there are metallic shiny panels that create a very professional feel and shows you that this is not just a toy but it is a real accessory that will work for years to come. At the front there is a huge LED diode powered clock display that shines in a orange/yellow glow and has two different (12 hour and 24 hour) settings for time telling. You also have the option to light this display on with a touch sensitive button at the top.

Philips As130

The top is covered with a metallic surface and that gives you a really nice feel as it is way better than those all plastic devices you can see from other manufacturers. On the front there are 3 touch sensitive buttons where those both that are on each side are for volume control but the one that is in the middle is created for that display lighting when you need to tell the time at night time. Of course Philips has thought about their users and switched off that automatic all night display lighting as that can be really annoying. On the top at the middle there is a groove that spans the whole dock and this is because this is a multi-functional docking station and you are able to dock your Android Smartphone weather it has the charging port at a side or at the bottom but you can also dock your tablet and other devices that charge from a micro USB connection. At the middle of this groove there is Philips trademark FlexiDock that is even better than it was on that Fidelio line of docking stations. This FlexiDock is designed to fit all Android devices as it has a rotatable micro USB connector and it can be sided to both sides to match any charging port location and allow you to position your Android Smartphone right in the middle. This adjusting is done with a wheel based adjuster that is located right up there a few millimeters from the docking mechanism itself. But between this wheel adjuster and the FlexiDock there is also a retractable support for your Smartphone. This support is made from see-through glass and it looks stunning but it is not made entirely for the looks as it will support your phone so that it does not sit only on that charging port

Philips AS130 docking station also features a built in 6W stereo speaker that can play your tunes or allow you to make voice calls without the need to detach your Smartphone. Philips say that their speaker is made with Neodymium rear earth magnets and that makes it even better with much more clearer sound and better stereo capabilities. If you want to use this external speaker you have the option to connect to it trough the Bluetooth connection for hands free music playback or attach a 3.5 mm auxiliary cable that will provide better sound quality and allow you to attach every device that has a connection port like this. Both these connections are great but I really like that Bluetooth option as it allows you to play music in a 30 feet (10 meter) radius without the need to pull your phone out of your pocket but it also works great while your device is charging on that FlexiDock.

Philips AS130 docking port


Overall this is a really great device and Philips has learned their lessons with this second generation of Android docking stations. They have designed a really great looking device with just the right amount of functionality to make it great. I don’t know about you but I really like this dock and the price is also not that high as it is a genuine Philips product not some knockoff from a company you don’t know.

Erick Hodge

Erick Hodge

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  1. Hi Dan! Wow. I found another great docking/charging alarm clock thanks to you. I torn between this Philips one and the iHome IC50BY. I would to charge my Android LG G4 while playing tracks of my soundscape nature music (rain, ocean sounds) through the clock’s speakers while I sleep for 8 hours. I want to do this WHILE charging it at the same time without having to plug an additional cord to get it to play through the clocks speakers. Would either this Philips clock or the IHome IC50BY do this? Or do you recommend something else? I would like something relatively small (no bigger than 8″ wide x 6″deep). Thank you so much again for you amazing website and knowledge of all things dock and gadget-y!!

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