Philips AS111 Fidelio android speaker dock

Overall Score:4.3
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Cheap price
  • Well built
  • Good, clear sound quality
  • Adjustable micro USB connector
  • Bluetooth audio streaming
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Is not portable
  • Difficult to plug some android phones
  • Difficult to reach night light button
  • Fidelio app is useless


Philips Fidelio AS111 alarm clock docking station

Speakers and sound

Philips Fidelio AS111 android docking station provides 4 watt power speakers that produce crisp, clear and distinguished sound. AS111 is the smallest of Philips Fidelio series android docking stations. Speakers provide good sound quality, they are also loud for such a small speaker device.

Music streaming and charging

Philips android docking station with speakers allow you to physically dock your android device to the dock on micro usb plug. When connected, your phone will charge. FlexiDock feature will allow you to easily connect any android phone to the docking station. Music is streaming with bluetooth technology. You just need to connect your phone with docking station through bluetooth and play any audio files you like on docking stations speakers.

Quality and Design

Device has got sleek, curved, black design. It has got 360 degree shape and is only 7 inches wide across. This makes it easy to transport and use anywhere you like. Docking station will look good on your bedrooms nightstand or other places at your home thanks to its decent build quality. Dock has got two volume buttons on top surface to adjust speakers volume.

Functions and Features

Speaker dock has got FM radio function, clock and alarm. When you connect your phone to docking station, it automatically synchronizes clock time from your smartphone. With alarm clock function, this android dock is best in your bedroom as morning alarm clock or as rooms music source. Alarm can be set with any audio file you like and you also can set a picture to show when alarm sets off. Docking station also has got a night light at the bottom of the dock. All these functions can be operated from your Android smartphones touchscreen.

Fidelio App

Philips also provides a free Fidelio application from Google Play Store. With app you can listen to many internet radio stations, browse music and share it with your friends or sync with your computer. However, this app is not recommended by users and is not very useful and can be replaced with any of your favorite android music streaming apps.

Other specs

Android docking stations length is 6.7 inches in diameter and 2.66 inches height. It supports Android 2.1 or later and Bluetooth 2.1 or later. Connector type is micro USB. Manufacturer also provides 1 year warranty for this product.

Philips Fidelio AS111 Advantages:

  • Cheap price;
  • Well built;
  • Good, clear sound quality – compared to other small, portable speakers. Clear highs and decent amount of bass considering its size;
  • micro USB dock connector is adjustable and lets you connect almost any android device with micro USB port;
  • Bluetooth audio streaming – this lets you stream music from your phone to docking station without need of the phone to be putted on the dock connector;
  • Easy to setup and use – easy and fast paring your android phone with the docking station.

Philips Fidelio AS111 Disadvantages:

  • Is not portable – Does not run on batteries as other android docking stations;
  • It may be hard to plug some android phones in the docking station (with micro usb ports on side like, for example many HTC phones), micro USB dock connector feels weak when you plug or unplug your device from docking station, difficult or impossible to connect android phone with case;
  • May be hard to reach night lights button with some phones set on the dock;
  • Fidelio app is useless – fails to start, sometimes freezes and may be slow on other devices, but other music streaming and alarm clock apps can be used with this docking station.


Philips Fidelio AS111 is a great little android docking station. For its price, it has got very good and clear sound quality. Built quality is also a plus for this device. With adjustable micro USB port you can connect almost any android phone to dock, however, some phones with usb port on side or with case on may be difficult to plug in. Fidelio App is not very good for usage, but you can use any other music streaming app you like with docking station and it will work with no problems. All things considered, if you need a small, good sound quality, music streaming and alarm android speaker dock that is also quite cheap, for your bedroom or any other place at home, Philips Fidelio will be the best choice you can buy.

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