Mini Amplifier Dock stand for Android smartphones by Ivation

Ivation Mini Amplifier docking station
Overall Score:4.3
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Very good sound quality and loudness
  • Creative mini electric guitar amplifier look
  • Useful sound control knobs
  • Compact and portable
  • USB, Wall adapter and AA battery power options
  • Great price
  • Works just with AUX cable, no Bluetooth connection
  • Phone stand on top of the speaker feels a bit flimsy
  • Included AUX cable is too short
  • No smartphone charging option


This small portable audio speaker is manufactured by Ivation. The company is making all kinds of portable wireless and AUX input speakers, each with its unique design. One thing that stands out Ivation products from the rest are their innovative design, and their Portable Mini Amp is a proof of it. We do not have much information about the manufacturer and how long it has been in the market, but based on their products, they really seem to know how to make attractive, well priced and nicely designed portable speakers for smartphones and music devices.


Ivation mini amplifier speaker has got mini guitar amplifier design. This interesting design is the first thing that catches everyone’s attention. The speaker looks like shrinked amplifier used with electric guitars, if you are a fan of electric guitars or play one by yourself, you will certainly enjoy the interesting design of this portable speaker for Android smartphones, tablets, mp3 players or any other type of music device.

ivation mini amplifier speaker dockIvation portable android speaker is more like smartphone stand/speaker than an actual dock, because there is no possibility of charging your smartphone, while it sits on the speaker. You can connect your smartphone, tablet or mp3 player to the dock with 3.5mm AUX cable. This type of input is supported by almost all mobile device and mp3 players, so you can be sure, that this dock will be compatible with your music device. It is important to note that this portable speaker DOES NOT HAVE BLUETOOTH CONNECTION, and Auxiliary input is the only way to connect phone or music player to the speaker. The speaker uses 4 AA batteries and you can take it anywhere you go and listen to your favorite music even outdoors. Besides the AA battery power source, this docking station also comes with USB to AC wall adapter or USB adapter to power it from your pc or laptop. So you can power the portable speaker practically in any situation – plug it into USB port, while you use your laptop, plug it in wall, if pc or laptop is not near you, or use the AA batteries, if you want to use portable speaker in a place without any other type of electricity source to power the music dock.

The portable mini amplifier has got one 4 inch speaker. The speaker is able to produce really clear and loud sound. In addition, you get three control buttons on the speaker – volume, treble and bass. All three of these buttons works really well, and you can control the sound coming from the portable speaker significantly and find the best sound level for each music genre.

Ivation mini amplifier speakerIvation mini amplifier has got smartphone holder on the top of the speaker, where you can place your phone, while the music plays through the amplifiers speaker. The stand will hold practically any type of smartphone in regular size (Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, Apple iPhone 4s, 5, 5s and others). The stand feel a little bit clumsy, but with some minor tweaks, your phone will stand steady in the smartphone holder. The portable amplifier is not significantly larger than todays smartphones, about 6 inches tall. On the front it has got three sound control knobs, AUX input and amplifier on and off switch. On the back there is a place for 4 AA type batteries, and battery cover is sealed with two screws, so you will need a screwdriver to change the speakers batteries if you need so. This is a little bit inconvenient, but will ensure that battery cover will protect the speakers batteries from falling out. The portable mini amplifier speaker comes with Auxiliary cable (cable is short so you may need to buy a longer aux cable for larger smartphones), USB cable and USB to AC wall adapter for charging the portable mini speaker. You can also use 4 AA batteries to power this device.


Ivation has made a really good quality external speaker for any kind of music devices from android smartphones to other manufacturer smartphones and mp3 players. Two top features of this mini amplifier are great sound quality and loudness, and appealing design, that will make this portable speaker look good anywhere you use it. In addition, it has got three charging options and is portable, so you can use 4 AA batteries to power the mini speaker. If you definitely do not need an external speaker dock with Bluetooth connection and you can work around its flimsy smartphone stand, this android speaker dock can certainly be your everyday device for music listening.


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