LG Electronics ND5630 docking station

LG Electronics ND5630
Overall Score:4.3
Advantages Disadvantages
  • NFC, WiFi, Bluetooth and 3.5 AUX connections
  • 30W sound output
  • Elegant design
  • Price is a bit high

ND5630 Review

ND5630 or LG’s 30W Bluetooth wireless docking station for Apple and Android products is designed like the top of the line speakers with 30W of quality sound output but it is still quite compact and also works as an Android docking station and that is really great.


LG Electronics ND5630 android dockDesign wise this is one of the best looking speaker docks out there with that curved shape and oval design it will look great in any environment even if you use in a retro house as it is just one of those devices that can be put anywhere. This LG Docking station has the dimensions of 15 inches x 5.7 inches x 6.4 inches (38 cm x 14.4 cm x 16.2 cm) and it weighs 6.4 pounds (2.8 kg) so it is not that big nor is it that heavy knowing all those features that are packed in that design.

The whole dock is created from plastic but it has a metallic color to is that resembles a metal panel and that looks great. Looking from the front this device has a speaker cover case spanning around the whole device and that is also the main feature for this dock. At the bottom there is a shiny Leg that this dock sits on but it is very tiny and you can barely notice it. At the top there is another plastic cover that is almost in the same color as the whole body but it has even more style with that inward curved shape that has a horizontal line in the middle that is put there for design and aesthetic purposes. At the top there also is a LG logo that signifies that this is the top of the line product and also brands it. At the right side there is a touch sensitive button panel for all the volume and music controls that looks unobtrusive and is almost not noticeable if exploring this Android dock from a distance.

But all the functionality and docking ports are located at the back in a retraced panel that is unnoticeable looking from the side and that is great as it does not spoil the look and feel of this device but it still packs in all those features.

LG Electronics ND5630


This LG docking speaker is designed to be a one stop dock for you to plug in your Android or Apple products as it has a mini USB port as well as Apple 8 pin connection slot that both work for charging your gadgets but there is also a regular USB port for charging that allows you to charge another device and/or play music trough it.

LG Electronics ND5630 docking station
As I mentioned before on the right side of the fixture there are controls for music playback as well as sound but there is also a remote that allows you to do those thing from a distance and that can come in handy if your device is located in the other room.


  • Bluetooth – ND5630 was created as a Bluetooth speaker as well as a docking station and that means that it has the latest Bluetooth technology incorporated in there with top of the line compression algorithms that will not distort your music that much. The only drawback is that this Bluetooth connection seems to have a limited range of around 12 feet (3.6 meters) and that means you will have to keep your devices close to this speaker.
  • WiFi – This is one of those devices that also incorporate WiFi connection to it and that can become convenient if you want to listen to music further away than those 12 feet. WiFi technology allows for fast and efficient music streaming and it also allows you to connect to this dock and change it’s Bluetooth name and do some firmware updates.
  • 3.5 audio jack – As any other docking speaker this also has a 3.5 mm audio input slot for devices without Bluetooth connection and for better sound quality.
  • Airplay – Apples airplay uses WiFi and allows Apple product owners use this docking station with that well known interface but it can cause some problems as you have to disconnect from the internet in order to use your iPhone’s or Mac’s WiFi connection for this Airplay connection.
  • NFC – This docking station also has a NFC connection built in that allows you to connect your NFC enabled device with this dock seamlessly and with only one touch of those NFC tags.


The sound that comes out of this speaker dock is the best part as LG has incorporated 30W of sound output in that small design.  In this speaker dock there are two channel speakers that create stereo sound and there is also a Bass Blast technology that gives you those low level sounds that usually are only created by subwoofers. The sound quality and loudness is amazing and you will be pleasantly surprised by how great sound this small device is able to produce.


LG’s ND5630 is a fully fledged Android docking station with that micro USB port and various technologies and connection options will give you great user experience but the elegant but practical design will make it feel at home in any environment.

Erick Hodge

Erick Hodge

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