Juiced Systems Galaxy Tablet/Smartphone docking station

Juiced Systems dock
Overall Score:3.8
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Great design
  • 4 device simultaneous charging capabilities
  • Has a tablet stand
  • Designed mainly for Samsung Galaxy devices
  • Different power outputs amongst different USB ports


Juiced Systems is a new technology company that designs and manufacturers various different accessories and standalone products. This company is very careful about what products they create and they always wisely use customer comments, feedback and suggestions that ultimately make their products great!


Juiced systems galaxy S4/Tablet docking station is a device that allows you to charge and sync your Android Smartphone and tablet as well as connect up to 4 different devices for charging at the same time and that means that this is a very multifunctional dock and that tablet stand and circular design makes it unique.

Samsung galaxy docking station


juiced systems dock holderGalaxy S4/tablet docking station or DDS-01 is a circularly shaped Android charging station that has the diameter of 5.1 inches (13 cm) and is about 1 inch (2.6 cm) high and that makes it a very compact and stylish charging station. But what makes it even better is the design itself and it has a flying saucer or NLO shape with curved edges and great stability. The whole thing is mainly made with plastic and it has mainly two color designs with back outer rim and a white/matted top plate that is also UV coated and Juiced Systems swear by this technology and say it will not attract any fingerprints whatsoever. This statement alone sounds amazing as I know a lot of devices that have that glared plastic casing that is just a fingerprint magnet and a real hurdle to clean.

This charging station also has added weight inside that form-factor for more stability and ease of use because a heavy tablet could potentially tip this small device over so Juiced Systems devised a plan and incorporated a bottom heavy base that creates a low center of gravity and makes this device very safe to use. With those added weights this dock is about 23.3 ounces (660 grams) heavy and that is enough to make it very stable. The overall looks and feel of this dock is great and without any devices mounted in their places or to those USB connectors it looks a bit like the Pack-Man but more white and with much shorter mouth. I feel that this dock would go great in any work environment and also at your home as it will provide functionality and style incorporated in one beautifully designed device.


This is mainly a charging station and it has that one top charging dock at the middle that is mainly designed for Samsung galaxy S4 but can also be used with other Samsung galaxy line phones and with some other Android powered Smartphone’s. This port makes this dock look like any regular charging dock but if you look around you will see 3 USB connectors and a gap that allows you to position your tablet upright and in a very ergonomic viewing angle.

All these four charging ports work from one AC adapter that is able to work from electricity outlets in a range of 100-240 Voltage and in a 50-60 Hz. This power adapter is able to provide up 5V and 4 Ampere total output that is divided between those connectors that each has its own max Volt and Amperage ratios:

  • Micro USB connector – 5V/1A,
  • USB 1. – 5V/2.1A,
  • USB 2. – 5V/500mA,
  • USB 3. – 5V/500mA.

Juiced Systems android dock

That means that if you want to attach you tablet that is playing music and videos then it is probably best to plug it in that USB 1. slot as it has more Amperage and can give your tablet more power trough that USB connection as those weakest ports could not be enaugh to power your gadget.

This dock can charge your devices but it is also able to sync one of your devices with your PC or Mac from that Micro USB connection of the top charging stand plug. To do this you just have to turn the button at the front to the “Sync” mode but usually it has to be either on the “Off” or “Charging” mode. Sadly but there are no options to sync your other devices that are plugged in one of those 3 regular USB charging ports.

When buying this charging dock you will receive an added manual about this Android docking station and also receive these chords in the box:

  • 5V/4A power adapter that is 150cm long,
  • Mini USB sync cable that is 150cm long,
  • Micro USB charge & sync cable that is 40cm long.
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