iLuv MobiAir Bluetooth docking station review

Overall Score:4.1
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 3.5 mm audio connection for phones without bluetooth capabilities
  • Elegant design
  • Integrated buttons for music playback and answering calls
  • myBot robotic arm that hold your phone in place
  • Sliding USB connector for use with any phone
  • Little lag time when pushing buttons as the bluetooth connection is not lighting fast.
  • Call button doesn’t end calls.
  • No bass booster so sound has low base pitches.
  • No data transfer through the USB connection

iLuv MobiAir  dock from the front


iLuv or Innovative Lifestyle Unquestionable Value is a US company that is located in New York but has offices all over the world. This company makes all kind of mobile accessories by creating them with smart and innovative ideas and using dedicated technologists and designers. This company has a bunch of awards that they have won over the years with their innovative designs and devices and I also need to mention that their device build quality is excellent and they have made a big progress in provided excellent usability for all their devices.


This iLuv MobiAir device ir a true docking station as this is one of the few dock out there that lets you use it as a loudspeaker and also use it for hands free calls because it has a built in microphone. This device is also fully integrated with your smartphone through the Bluetooth connection and you can change the songs and volume as well as play and pause songs from the dock not touching your phone.

This dock has a micro USB connector that will allow you to connect almost any android device and also different phones and tablets that have a micro USB connector for charging them.This micro USB adapter can be rotated and moved left to right to accommodate any phones form factor and port positioning but this connector only works for charging and does not transfer any data though the USB connection. For the sound transfer there is an option to use Bluetooth connection or a 3.5 mm audio. But getting back to the USB mini connector I must say that it feels a bit loose and when the phone is docked and not supported by the wing shaped arms it feels really flimsy. Sadly but the micro USB connector only works for charging and does not transfer any data though the USB connection.

iLuv MobiAir  docking station rear viewTo hold the phone better in place there are these soft rubberized arms that will fit any smartphone and are like wings that hold your phone or tablet. These two arms are designed to be lowered or pulled up for any form factor but for example with the smaller smartphones the wings get a bit tight and only hold the devices bottom so they don’t provide 100% stability.

For the overall design I must say that it is a pretty nice docking station with black and grey accents and despite being made from plastic it feel really expensive and exclusive and the weight doesn’t feel like its made from plastic and is a bit heavy feel but that is a good thing! At the bottom this docking stations also has rubberized legs that extend the whole width of the device to support it and not allow your dock to slide anywhere on your table so your phone is safe and won’t fall down.

At the front there are two speakers that are covered with black material that looks a bit like cheesecloth but the sound they make is good and loud and quite impressive for such a small device. The sound quality is also acceptable and you can’t hear any sound distortions or anything like that. This is very impressive considering that this sound is transferred through the bluetooth connection and you can also send signals to the phone to switch songs and pause them through the same connection.

Another great feature is the microphone that is built into the docking station and allows you to make direct calls from the station with hands free operation so that you don’t need to disconnect your phone from the dock when someone calls you.

At the top of the device on the right side there are the control buttons:

  • Answer calls – This button allows you to answer incoming calls directly through the docking station.

  • Media buttons left and right – These buttons allow you to change songs through your phone.

  • Volume up and volume down buttons – These buttons work for the docking stations volume and don’t change your phone’s volume settings so you must dial your phone to the max and then you can adjust the dock.

  • bluetooth button – pressing this the docking station automatically connects to the device that is in rang and has bluetooth turned on.

  • power button – Turns off the device but it still charges the phone.

  • Play / ┬áPause button – allow you to play and pause the song that plays on your bluetooth connected device.

iLuv MobiAir  docking station side view


In the end I must say that this is a good docking station that can be used on the desktop at work or home or on a nightstand and it will allow you to charge your phone without any effort of finding wires and also will integrate with your device for music playback and allows you to make calls with that built in microphone.


Erick Hodge

Erick Hodge

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