iBOLT xProDock review

iBOLT xProDock
Overall Score:3.8
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Amazing design
  • Great build quality
  • easy to use docking mechanism
  • Charging cable supplies only 0.5 Amps


iBolt is a brand that belongs to a company called Wireless Accessory Solutions, LLC is a privately held company that was created in the year 2010 and since then is one of the fastest growing wireless accessory manufacturers in the US. iBolt makes many different devices starting from bicycle smartphone mounts and external battery sources to car docks and Android docking station.

xProDock review

xProDock is one of companys finest creations and it is a car docking station made for Android smartphones and mainly manufactured to fit all Samsung galaxy line phones. This car docking station is one of those devices that combine beautiful style, simple usage and great price but the best part is the overall design and the feel of this little device.

This car docking station has a black plastic outer shell that feels really solid and like it would not break in any conditions and on any road. The docking mechanism itself is created from two hands at the bottom and one at the top and they squeeze your smartphone with a rubberized grip so that it fits comfortably in place but also does not scratch or damage that outer casing. This docking mechanism that is utilized in this car mount is very easy to use and you just need to slide your phone from the bottom as the top mount easily pulls up and when you let it go that top hand grips your phone and hold it in place. Because of that strong holding mechanism and a 360 degree mount at the back you have the ability to turn your phones screen horizontally or vertically and also adjust it to be positioned at the best viewing angle possible. When you want to take out your phone from this car dock you need to press a lever at the back and that top hand will immediately loosen up and you will be able to easily take out your phone. The best part about this docking mechanism is that you have the ability to fit almost any Android device you want because those two arms at the bottom can be regulated and that top grip hand has 66mm to 90mm range. This Android docking station is compatible with all known cases from hard to soft and from small to big so you will be able to secure safely any device with any security gear in place.

ibolt xprodock side

At the back of the whole mounting mechanism there is a 360 degree ball shaped hinge that allows you to position your phones screen in the right viewing angle but it is quite strong and will not allow your phone to slide down or bump on bumpy roads. This ball hinge is located on a metal leg that connects the whole docking mechanism to that suction mount that holds the whole device in place. This suction mount is one of a kind and it is very strong but surprisingly easy to operate as you just need to place it on your windshield or dashboard and press that black button at the top. It will automatically suck out that air and create a vacuum that will hold your device firmly in place and no shaking or adjusting will ever break that seal, but if you want to remove this device then simply take and pull back that button again and it comes right off.

ibolt xprodock featuresThen there is the charging and Aux cables that are also supplied in the package and it is especially good to have that long (9 feet) USB charging cable as you can easily plug it in any place you have a USB port on your car. The docking mechanism is built together with this USB cable so they are both really well designed together and it feels really easy to put your phone in the dock and with the same one hand also plug in that micro USB connector and start charging your smartphone. The only disadvantage of this charging cable is that it only supplies 0.5 Amps of power but most newer Android smartphones neet 1.5 or even 2 Amps of power to charge so it can take longer to fully recharge and if you are using many phone features it can even drain more power than it supplies but that rarely happens even with the newest phone models.

Overall this is a really great car mount for Android smartphones especially if you are using Samsung products as it is really easy to operate, the phone sits in place well and you can dock and undock your phone with one hand and that can be handy if you are driving and need to place or take out your smartphone from this dock. The build quality and design is amazing and this is one of the best car docks that your money can buy.

Erick Hodge

Erick Hodge

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