i.Sound original Power View multifunctional dock review

Overall Score:3.5
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Multiple device setup
  • Stylish design
  • Underbody light
  • Cheap price
  • Limited functionality
  • No-external speakers
  • Made from plastic


i Sound front view

DreamGear is one of the fastest growing smart device accessory makers in the USA and they have been developing these devices since 2002 when the first line of their accessories were created. At 2007 the first i.Sound line speaker was introduced becoming an instant hit and now this company has massively expanded this brand and makes all kinds of speaker and docking station that are usually multifunctional and will work for a variety of devices.

i.Sound Power View

i_sound dock back viewThis specific multifunctional Power View docking station has one slot to hold almost any device that is thinner than 0.6 inches or 1.5 cm and that includes almost all Android and Apple smart devices and also a bunch of Mp3 and Mp4 players. In its simplest form this is not a dock but rather a stand with a capability to charge that device if you need so. Basically what you get is a good looking device where you can sit your phone or tablet and watch some movies or videos but also can plug it in one of two USB ports with that devices original cable. Yes, this means you don’t get any specific connector in the package and only a regular USB to microUSB cable that will work for most Android phones but will not work for Apple products. But don’t be worrying about that because you probably have that charging wire laying around your house and when you stand your phone in this device you can plug it in and recharge the battery at the same time. This simple charging schema also means you can orient your device as you want and sit it horizontally or vertically not worrying about the charger placement.

That is basically it and this dock doesn’t have any other specific functions and you only get an adapter to plug your dock to electricity and two USB ports at the back side to charge two of your device at the same time. On that back side you also get a button to switch from Apple products to regular Voltage and a button to turn off the surrounding LED lights.i_sound back connectors

These LED light that I mentioned is one of the best features I have seen on a docking station as they makes you feel that this device is levitating in the air and that ingenious design also complements those LED’s creating a perfect-match device for all environments and there won’t be any place where this will not blend in! The whole body is made from plastic but it feel sturdy and not cheap at all and that glared plastic that makes those cool reflections will look cool anywhere but be aware of any dust or fingerprints as they tend to quickly show up after just a couple of touches!

Overall this is a great dock if you only need to charge your Android or Apple smart device and don’t need any outside speakers or other features. The design is amazing and the fact that you can dock any phone or tablet is amazing!

Erick Hodge

Erick Hodge

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