HTC rezound docking station review

Overall Score:4.2
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Elegant design
  • Low price
  • Designed specially for HTC Rezound phone
  • Made by HTC
  • No external speakers
  • No external clock
  • Charger slower than directly plugged in
  • Does not support protective phone cases.


This simple but elegant docking station for the HTC Rezound mobile phone is made by none other than the same phone manufacturer itself and I think I don’t need to review HTC as a company because if you already have their phone then you know that their devices are great and they create great products with amazing build quality and low prices.

Rezound dock front viewRezound dock review

This Rezound docking station is a simple charging dock and because of that it does not have any other features like external speakers or external clock options. Basically what you get is a fancy desktop phone stand that also allows you to charge your phone and puts it in a docking mode where you can see the clock, weather updates, social connections and get a revolving desktop wallpapers.

This is one of those docks that can only support one phone model and it supports it only in the horizontal position, but I think that should not be an issue, but what could annoy potential buyers is the fast that you can’t dock you rezound phone if it has any protective case and you have to take it off every time.So if you have a phone that has silicon or hard case installed I would not advise you to buy this dock!

The dock itself is made from glared black plastic, but the plastic is a strong polymer that feels strong and rigid not like the plastic you can find n cheap toys. It is made for you to have a great viewing angle and to be able to support Rezounds smartphones with or without extended battery options. At the back of this charger dock you get a micro USB connector that will act as a charger and also will allow you to sync your HTC phone with your computer. The package includes a micro USB to regular USB cable and an electricity outlet connector that has a USB port in it for the same charger / sync cable.

Rezound dock back review

When you dock (cradle) your Android HTC phone in this slim holder tray you will see a docking application automatically starting but of course this can be turned off at the application settings of the docking App. There are 3 widgets and 2 of them you can customize setting almost anything you want there. This Application is not the most usable or the best looking of all the docking App’s but I enjoyed it and think the simple design with that large Clock at the corner is quite effective.

Tip: It is best to charge your HTC phone from an electricity outlet because when charging from a computers USB port it will take almost forever to charge and if you put a HD video or run other high resource draining applications that USB connection won’t be able to support that kind of power requirements and your battery will be draining. And when plugged in a wall electricity outlet it will charge slower than directly plugging your phone with that micro USB port, so keep this in mind before buying!

But overall this simple but elegant device is a great additional to any work desk or bedside counter where you can easily see the clock, and other instant updates and charge your phone at the same time.

Erick Hodge

Erick Hodge

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