Grace Digital GDI-GSD8200 review

Overall Score:4.2
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Great Design
  • Changeable cradle adapter
  • 3 speaker sound system
  • Built in AUX connector
  • Included rechargeable battery
  • Almost entirely made for Samsung products
  • Battery doesn’t charge your device
  • No display
  • limited functionality

About the Manufacturer

Grace Digital was founded in 2007 by a group of innovative people and they are now one of the best home audio appliance makers with multiple manufacturing locations and products sold worldwide. Their product lines combine a wide range of great quality and style audio devices that also include Android smartphone docking stations.

front view grace GdockAbout GDI-GSD8200

This Greace Gdock is a docking station that is specially designed for Samsungs Galaxy Line smartphones. But because of that ingenious docking mechanism you can also play and charge other android smartphones that fit into the Samsung smartphone compatible phone cradles.

We must first start and examine the docks unique design and that beautiful shape and feel. Basically this is not a big device because of its dimensions – 12.9 inches x 3.7 inches  x 4.3 inches  (32.7 cm x 9.3 cm x 10.9 cm) but it is quite elegantly made to play loud music and have other great features. From the outside it is made from plastic but it feel sturdy like it would work for years. The coloring is black and you get rubberised feets as well as front facing loudspeakers. Inside however it is quite a different story and there you will be able to find 3 custom built speakers and also a sound amplifier that will allow you to get up to 16 Watt sound output. This speaker system will allow you to listen to music or watch movies and get crisp and loud sound that will be much better than your phones built in speakers. Moving on, there are 4 buttons on the top facing edge and they will work for music loudness , song changing and also will allow you to turn on or off and mute this docking station. And because this dock basically is a standalone loudspeaker you can plug in any music playing device and play it with that 3.5 mm AUX input cable. This cable will also allow smartphones without the capability to sync to play music through this dock.

Changable grace dock cradlesApart from this Audio package this is also a regular charging station that will allow you to quickly and conveniently charge your smartphones. Basically what you do is to sit your smartphone on this docking station and it automatically starts charging while still providing you with great viewing angle of your latest social network feed as well as stock options or other necessary updates. You will be able to charge your phone with just plugging in this docking station to the AC adapter. But strangely enough there is even a built in battery for music playback , but it is a shame that this battery doesn’t charge your phone while the AC power adapter is not plugged in. It would be amazing to be able to charge your mobile phone without plugging this docking station into electricity while you are traveling or when you just need to charge your battery on a plane or bus.  Basically this charging station can be used in households by the bedside or on any desk, but also in business places where you want to sit your phone on your work desk or in a  meeting.

overall this docking station is a great addition to any Android devices owner but especially the Samsung galaxy line smartphone users as they will be able to use the full docking options. I would advise this dock to give as a gift because is really a great product and doesn’t cost as much as a standalone speaker system.

Erick Hodge

Erick Hodge

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