GUS Black Faux Leather Multi-Charging Station

Black Faux Leather Multi-Charging Station
Overall Score:4.1
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Amazing Leather design with beautiful stitches
  • Place for 3 smart phones and 2 bigger devices
  • Secret compartment for cable organization
  • Price is a bit too big
  • Magnets on that charging station are not that powerful


This leather multi-charging station from Great Useful Stuff is created to be a one stop charging spot for all your devices. It is designed to unclutter all your cables and to organize them as well as your gadget collection. This device has a great design and is capable of holding up to 5 devices that include 3 smaller spots for your Smartphone and 3 bigger ones for your tablets and laptop.

Great Useful Stufd Black Multi-Charging Station


Design wise this has the same basic design as this bamboo charging stand but this is created from leather and that means it will be much more sophisticated and will much better be incorporated in your office or at a more modern home.This Charging station dock has a black outer color with black leather that spans the whole device but because black color goes great together with white it has white stitching that cover the whole dock and accents that leather even better. Where those charging cables go the grooves are created bigger with more circular shapes and that means they are more stylish and also performs better than rectangular grooves.The top where all those devices go consists of a base plate and two extended middle supports where one is bigger but the second smaller to allow you to dock and cradle your tablet as well as your laptop. There is also an inclined side at the front where those mobile devices are supposed to sit but that is provided by the bottom part.

Black Faux Leather Multi-Charging Station


This charging dock has two parts where the top is that part where your devices will sit but at the bottom there is the base part that has a Velcro bottom that will not allow this whole thing to slide around but there also is a secret compartment that allows you to neatly organize all your cables. This secret compartment is revealed as soon as you take the top off but know that it is secured on 4 magnets so that it won’t slide around as you dock all your devices. When you look inside this secret compartment you will see 5 rubberized straps that will hold all your cables in place and allow you to secure them in just the right length so that they come out at the top from those small grooves at the sides and also at specially designed spots where those 3 Smartphone slots are. All these cables go inside this charging station trough a opening at the back that can be neatly covered by turning your device the other way around. There is not that much else to mention just that this is a really neat tool for tech-savvy people as we always have a bunch of devices and charging them is a real hustle but this thing gives you the freedom from all that. And it also gives the benefit that you will always know where your gadgets are even if they are not charging as it can also be used as simple gadget stand.

Black Multi-Charging Station inside

There is also an added Cord Cubby that is another leather device where you can plug all your chords as it has a power splitter where only one wire comes in and all your device charger cables come out. This thing also has a stitched leather design almost the same as this multi charger station has and it has also inclined top edges so that you can rest your devices on top of it.


Overall these are some really great cable organizers and when they are sold separately you get a really nice way to organize all your gadget charging cables and also a place where to rest them all. These things are chap and their leather exterior is just beautiful! Keep your cables uncluttered and be happy!

Erick Hodge

Erick Hodge

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