Bamboo Multi Device charging station

Bamboo Multi Device charging station
Overall Score:3.8
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Amazing eco-friendly design
  • 5 charging spots for your gadgets
  • Secret compartment for cable management
  • Secret compartment could be a bit taller as your Smartphone’s charger has to be bent to fit your phone properly in that charging spot


GUS or Great Useful Stuff has created a charging station that is designed to accommodate most Smartphone’s, tablets and even laptops so this will most definitely fit your Android Smartphone collection and also your tablet but can be used to charge up your laptop computer.

GUS desktop charger/chord organizer is created to get rid of the problem we all have and that is to organize and hide most of our charging cables for various different devices that usually sit somewhere on our desk and feel out of place with that wire sticking out of them. This device is made especially with that problem in mind and can hold up to 3 smart phones and two tablets or laptops.

bamboo charging dock


GUS charger stand is created from eco-friendly bamboo material so it is lightweight and very easily recyclable but will also work well in any home with that wood-like structure and aesthetic feel. This device has the overall size of 10 inches x 9 inches x 5.2 inches (25.4 cm x 22.8 cm x 13.2 cm) so it is really compact if you think about the fact that you can charge up to 5 devices on this charging dock. Looking around this when it is empty you can see various holes that are coming up and also two at the side. These are in fact grooves for your cables to sit in and they are in just the right size so those cables won’t fall into them but have enough room to fiddle around when you plug your devices on them. The overall  design is a somewhat retro feel with not that much rounded edges but about half of them are rounded and half is not. The wood material makes this a really great addition to your home of office and it will work in any environment!

Manufacturers have also thought about scratches that this device could make on your work desk so they have lined the whole docking station’s bottom with microfiber so it is soft and will be moved around with no worry’s.

bamboo android charging dock


This charging dock/stand is designed to be as useful as it can and it is also created to maximize the space so your devices sit in an upright position while they are charging and there are two main gaps for bigger and longer devices like laptops or tablets that measure 1.25 inches (3.1 cm) in width so almost any laptop or tablet will be thin enough to charge there.  But at the third opening there are three smaller slots where your Smartphone’s or MP3 players should sit and they are designed wide enough to accommodate any phone weather it is a small cell-phone or a huge Smartphone with 5 inch display. If you look around the device you will find two chord holes at the left side and three bigger ones beneath those three phone charging spots and this is because underneath the device there is a secret compartment where you can organize all those charger cables and create them just in the right length to charge up your device.

When you take off the top part to reveal the hidden compartment you will have to apply some force as it is held down by four strong rear earth magnets at each corner of the device that will not allow it to tumble or fall down under the weight of your laptop or other gadgets. When you reveal this hidden compartment you will see a compartment that is lined with microfiber and has multiple elastic loop straps that will contain and keep your cables in place. There is one elastic string for each charging compartment so you will find 5 of them spaced out in just the right places to hold down those cables. At the backside there is an opening that lets  you run all those cables inside this dock and then secure them.

bamboo dock bottom

TIP: use Velcro strips to secure all those cables together as they come out of this dock to get even more convenient cable management.


Overall this is a really great little addition to anyone’s home as it has to be a real hurdle to manage all your charging cables. But because there are two big gaps you can also put your work peppers or a book or two on this stand and use it only for Smartphone charging. Be creative and design your own uses for this device but be sure to snatch one up as fast as possible as they are in short supply!

Erick Hodge

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