2016 Best Music docks

Docking stations can be used for all sorts of purposes, but the most popular one definitely is listening to music. Here we present you TOP5 Android Music docks of 2016. We gathered different functionality music docks, from portable speakers to alarm clock docks and more. In this article you will find our top picks, based on functionality, sound quality and price.


iHome iBN97GC Alarm clock dock

iHome is one of the best know android docking station manufacturers, and this model just proves iHome brands quality. iHome iBN97GC is one of the best android alarm clock docks we have used and there are many reasons why. This android docking station has it all - it looks really good and feels quality, has got great sound quality in is packed with all sorts of useful features.


Android docking station Connection Types

There are different connection types you will find in Android docking stations. These types are Bluetooth, 3.5 mm audio connection, NFC and Wi-Fi. Each one of connection types has its own advantages and disadvantages and are used in different ways. You can find android docking station that supports all of these connection types, but mostly there are docks that supports Bluetooth and 3.5mm audio connections.


GUS Black Faux Leather Multi-Charging Station

This leather multi-charging station from Great Useful Stuff is created to be a one stop charging spot for all your devices. It is designed to unclutter all your cables and to organize them as well as your gadget collection. This device has a great design and is capable of holding up to 5 devices that include 3 smaller spots for your Smartphone and 3 bigger ones for your tablets and laptop.