Eton Rukus solar powered bluetooth speaker system


This bluetooth wireless speaker/docking station is unique in the way that it can charge itself with solar energy. It has got built in monocrystal solar panel that chargers Li-ion 1500mA battery. This is one of the best portable speakers for outdoor usage that we have seen. It will work for more than 8 hours with one full charge, and will charge the docking station in about 6 hours, depending on the intensity of the sunlight.


iHome iC16 – portable Android dock review

iHome iC16 side view

iHome iC16 is an Android docking station that is developed and manufactured by iHome and this is a docking station / speaker for Android phones. This docking station is actually one of the few models that is portable and can work on batteries but sady like all battery powered docking station it can’t charge your phone while running on battery power


Hale Dreamer Alarm Clock Dock

Hale dreamer main view

Hale Dreamer Android alarm clock dock is this company's newest endeavor that they funded through crowd funding platform kickstarter. On that kickstarter project they received 364 backers and raised more than 36000$ that kickstarted their development and manufacturing processes and now when that financing and development phases have ended this company has finished this dock and you can buy it from amazon or other technology e-shops.